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Right Project Prioritization Led To Success InTofigi

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:18
  • Right Project Prioritization Led To Success InTofigi

    Tofigi community in Agdash rayon was floundering in a swamp of problems, unable to find a way out like the most villages of Azerbaijan since the collapse of former Soviet Union. On one hand, the low economic status of the population and existence of many unsolved social problems made the living conditions of the population difficult. The community road, the water system and other vital social infrastructure objects were simply in devastated condition. But the biggest challenge of community members, who were trying tofind a way to solve problems, was to come to consensus. Like in other communities with the low infrastructure index, AzRIP conducted an initial assessment in Tofigi community, then initiated the Participatory Rural Appraisal process.

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    The Community That Moves Forward With Double Steps

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:18
  • The Community That Moves Forward With Double Steps

    Goshagovag community is situated at 30 km distance from Aghdash rayon center. Almost 250 people of this community are internally displaced people. The living condition in the community was not satidfactory despite that most of the families are engaged with various areas of agriculture. Dilapidated condition of roads, lack of the potable water, bad condition of the electrical supply and the medical point, as well as the existance of other problems complicated situation even more.For year, community residents used as an open water basin to get the potable water, which led to spread of infectious diseases among children.

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    Water Brought Prosperity to Kamally Community

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:17
  • Water Brought Prosperity to Kamally Community

    When you dive into the childhood memories, you recall heroes fighting with Syclopes from the ancient mythology, who would block the water. In these stories we usually read how people would sacrifice themself for one gulp of water.
    For years, Kamally community of Saatly rayon also suffered from lack of water. They could not find water even to irrigate their gardens and crops. Thus, Kamally residents “sacrificed” many things in their lives. Many families permanently left the community and there was a real threat that all familis will abandon the community. At these days of despair and hopelessness, a real miracles started to occur in Kamally.

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    Effective Partnership WithGadabayExCom

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:16
  • Effective Partnership WithGadabayExCom

    There is a beautiful land located in the mountains called Gadabay. From the first moment you step into this land, it fascinates everyone with its air, waterr, nature and brave people. Every stone and every tree is a miracle in Gadabay.

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    A TruthfulWoman Leader of Her Community

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:15
  • A TruthfulWoman Leader of Her Community

    We have heard about this lady before meeting her personally. Almost everyone in Neftchala rayon know her. Khanim Kerimova is a very modest, sincere and candid person. Since 2002 she has been üorking as Municipal Tax İnspector in Garamanly village of Neftchala rayon. From 2004 to 2006 she acted as Deputy Chief of Garamanly municipality and since 2006 she has been functioning as a Chief of the Municipality. Currently she is one of the 12 female members of the Committee on Family and Children in Neftchala rayon. She took an active part in a number of activities directed to expanding the role of women in the society. She conducts private conversations with women and men with family problems, providing legal advice in two villages of Neftchala. As a community group member and chief of municipality she plays an exceptional role in community development and women's activities.

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    A True Leader of Neftchala Rayon

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:15
  • A True Leader of Neftchala Rayon

    Murad Alasgarov who was born in Abasali village of Neftchala rayon in 1959, is a true leader who was loved by the community for his carefulness and patriotism. He is known for his charitable activities and he has been working hard to develop not only his native village, but also neighboring villages.

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    YukharyKebirli is Confidently Walking through the Development Path

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:14
  • YukharyKebirli is Confidently Walking through the Development Path

    Back in 1948, families from, Salmanbeyli, Tazakand and Pariogullar villages of Aghjabadi rayon moved to Sahra settlement in Mil Flat of Beylagan rayon to engage in viticulture in order to improve their livelihood. After working here for a while, these families decided to get settled here and in 1957 they renamed the settlement to Yukhary Kabirli, in honor to Kabar tribes.
    Since the settlemnen in this territory community meresidents have been trying to develop Yukhary Kebirli in order to not to lag behind from the neighboring communities. Yet the community had number of unsolved problems.

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    AzPİR Project Significantly Changed the Life in Moruglu

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:14
  • AzPİR Project Significantly Changed the Life in Moruglu

    At a time when space is being conquered and flying carpets become almost a reality, some villages are still facing problems and challenges. One of the main problems for them is deterioration of roads. This problem affects all strata of local people, including business persons, farmer households and others in the community. Moruglu as one of the communities located in Gadabey rayon was also suffering both physically and morally from road related problems.

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    The Success That Was Gained With Patience

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:13
  • The Success That Was Gained With Patience

    Guba is one of the thrilling places of Azerbaijan. Famous for its colorful apple gardens, the villages face with endlesssocial and economic problems. No matter how hard the villagers worked, it was impossible to fully get rid of challenges. Vladimirovka village of Guba was one of those villages. Although, it is big and close to the regional centre, deficiencies in the village infrastructure was not less. Vladimirovka residents asked the AzRIP’s Northern regional program expert AkifKerimly to help settle their problems, when AzRİP launched its first projects in the North in 2009-2010. However, it took a significant time while to start a mobilization as there were too many communities with primary evaluation waiting their turn. EldarEynulzade, the village municipality chair, reiteratedly applied to AzRİP within that period and achieved his goal in the end.

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    Joint Success of Gazma Municipality and Six Communities

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:08
  • Joint Success of Gazma Municipality and Six Communities

    Gazma, Bedagar, Jillik, Shambulbina, Okuzovtala and Gizlartala communities of Balakan, along with being close to one another are 7-10 km away from the regional center. Communities possess many natural wells. Plant-raising and stock-raising are the major businesses of the communities. The total number of population is 7077 people. “Purud Mehdi” pilgrimage and “Darvazbina church” are historical monuments of those communities.

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