14-05-2014, 15:50, Saw: 327

Alvand is one of the remote villages in Zardab rayon. Nobody in this ancient (approximately XV century) village, situated at 23 km distance from rayon centre and closely connected its life with the Kur River, concerned about the problems remaining since years and their solutions. Carelessness and indifference lasting for years was put an end since the first day when AzRIP entered the village. As if people woke up. The community members distinguished for their knowledge and skills and who are key potential of the village were identified during Participatory Rural Appraisal workshop. We witnessed respect to elders and solidarity in the community that is not observed in some communities. This fact was one of the key factors for us in community selection. Successfully elected Community Project Committee members fulfilled the task regarding preparing the visual aids and posters immediately and addressed to our office requesting to provide trainings in order not to lose time. The CPC members proved with their high-level attention and participation during the training that community was right to elect and entrust them with solving vital issues of the community. Trainings ended. Alvand CPC was ready and capable to design project for any problem of the community, develop project proposal and address to donor independently. The first donor of the community was AzRIP. The road problem disturbing community members for many years was chosen. Neighboring Otmanoba community members using the road in Alvand village joined the project with enthusiasm. Small number of population (765 people) of that village was ineligible for AzRIP to directly collaborate with the community. Community members decided to solve their problem partly by closely assisting and supporting Alvand community during the project implementation. Thus, successful implementation of the project would provide comfortable road for hundreds of community members of Otmanoba village. Two and half months planned for project implementation was over. Community members were very happy as their wish had come true. They would get rid of muddy roads at last. Benefits of joint work were obvious; main and secondary roads of the village had been rehabilitated. Appreciating the initiative of community members, Rayon Executive Committee administration promised to contribute trees to plans along the roads. Alvand CPC did not forget about the sustainability of the project. Established sustainability fund will be guarantee of the long-term sustainability of the implemented project. "End to inertness! We need to work and try to solve other problems now. All necessary skills needed for that has been provided by AzRIP to us. Now everything depends on us"- say Alvand and Otmanoba community members. Their persistence should be model for others. We wish only success to you!

Fizuli Valiyev

AzRIP PAT mobilizer


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