14-05-2014, 15:48, Saw: 419

One of the communities collaborating with AzRIP, Hushun village in Agdash rayon managed to accomplish “Electric System Rehabilitation” project that is very important and useful for the community. Since two existing electric transformers (t/f 100 and t/f 40) remaining from Soviet time were not sufficient to supply electricity to major parts of the village, 75 houses were deprived from electricity. Desperate households were obliged to suffer from this situation and live in hard conditions who gave them up to despair and lost their belief that the problem would ever be resolved. Always coming to help as Khizir prophet, Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project was again able to made desperate people laugh and gave them confidence. AzRIP conducted Rapid Community Assessment, mobilization and trainings in Hushun community too like in all other communities with low infrastructure index and approved the project proposal developed by the community members, so technical implementation started.

Being fully confident of their choice and having selected this problem as the first priority during the problem ranking, community members contributed in cash and in kind and succeeded in fast and successful completion of the project. Successfully completed “Electric System Rehabilitation” project includes installation of two new transformers (t/f 100) in the village. Technical maintenance of the system registered at the Rayon Electric Supply Department is carried out by the supervision group of the village municipality and necessary repair needs are met by community sustainability fund. Implemented project raised revival in the community and stimulated community members to take action for solving outstanding needs. So, this unity of power proved itself in the construction of gas supply system implemented with community funds. Installation of gas meters in the houses enabled normal and efficient use of electric energy.

During our meeting in the community, community members spoke heartily and proudly about the success of the already functioning project and the community fund aiming to assist sustainability of the gained achievement underlining that the fund is an irreplaceable tool that forms sense of ownership over projects, guarantees sustainability and brings people together around common problems. It was also emphasized that AzRIP does not only rehabilitates community infrastructure, but also reforms minds of people and helps them feel themselves full member of the society and forms sense of citizenship. After all, Hushun community members make efforts to enhance their skills and capacities in important community development processes gained through collaboration with Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project including mobilization, fundraising, selection of community leader, resource identification, sustainability, intra-community and intercommunity integration and move confidently forward for prosperity and nice future of their own community.

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