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Since Goychay is one of rayons situated within the coverage area of AzRIP, relationships have been established with tens of villages of the rayon. The community of Alpout is situated at 29 km away from the rayon centre. The community is comprised of 2107 people. Farming and stock breeding are major occupation and source of income of the people. Though the village has 1130 ha sowing lands, community members were not able to cultivate all of it and succeeded to yield very few harvest. The main reason was poor condition of drainage canals. In spite of the existence of the problem since 1992 and ten hectares of land plots became useless due to subsoil water every year no serious action was taken to resolve the problem. Salinization of land plots had damage on stock-breeding along with farming. Stock used to infect with various diseases especially in summer season on a mass scale and died. Not only sowing lands, but also gardens of community members were getting saline and useless. Only small parts of ditches could be cleaned with few funds of municipality and community members for temporary use. It resulted in low living conditions, spread of various infectious diseases in the area and despair, and thus many people left the village.

The community of Alpout starting collaboration with AzRIP since August 2006 identified its priority needs and solutions to them using the support of AzRIP representatives. Though Potable Water Supply was ranked in the first place during problem ranking, Drainage System Rehabilitation was prioritized during cost efficiency analysis of the project. Alpout Community Project Committee addressed with Drainage System Rehabilitation project totalling AZN 33202. The project was appraised and approved by AzRIP as it was a development driven project and would have impact on improving living conditions of the community. Alpout CPC successfully completed the project together with community members. The lands used to undergo salinization for many years were cleaned and used by community members. Now community members fully use all 1130 ha lands for cultivation. As a result of the project, lands became fertile and productivity increased. Diseases decreased among stock compared to previous years, gardens and streets got rid of subsoil water. Increased productivity has resulted in high income generation for people. All these are results of proper economic analysis of the project impacts by the community members.

Alpout community established community fund too to ensure sustainability of this successful project and implement new projects. This fund will ease solution of other problems in the community. The project that was successful for Alpout community restored community members’ self-reliance and caused donor search for solution of other problems. AzRIP recommends Alpout CPC to take active part in solving community’s other problems, analyse cost efficiency of the projects properly and maintain sustainability of the implemented projects.
Rizvan Mirzayev
Project Assistance Team Mobilizer

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