14-05-2014, 15:42, Saw: 315

Julfa rayon is one of the ancient and picturesque regions of Nakhchivan and Kirna is a village distinguished in the rayon for its beauty and hard work of the population. The local population is happy today – the community has successfully completed the “Potable Water Supply” project recently with the AzRIP financial support.

Like all other villages, the community of Kirna had numerous problems too. However, lack of potable water was always the priority problem. Irreconcilability of the problem by the population caused solution research to become the daily work of community members. The community collected 1020 AZN from internal resources and realized the “Construction of Potable Water Line” project in the village in 2001. In spite of successful implementation of this project, it only partly met the need for potable water.

There is a good saying, “Seek and we shall find”. We got acquainted with AzRIP in December 2005. The project representatives conducted Rapid Community Assessment and provided training in the community – we gained a CPC capable of independently solving our problems, developing a budget, implementation plan and project proposal meeting necessary standards.

Our project was different from other “Potable Water Supply” projects in that the water line was supposed to be supplied to the community through captation. According to the project, it was necessary to construct a 4.2 km pipeline and 390 m captation.

Persistence of the community in implementation and successful completion of the project played a great role. The population has not only regularly monitored the project implementation, but also closely participated in the implemented works. In general, each community member waiting for a solution to the problem was willing to give a contribution to the project. I would like to mention the particular role of women.

Indeed, many problems related with the project implementation were also experienced. Such a big scale project has not been implemented in the village before. Though lack of experience was noticed at the beginning, the Service Provider and Regional Operations Office representatives’ constant support at the end of training and during project proposal development in conjunction with every community members’ willingness for realization of this project counteracted this inexperience.

So, with AzRIP’s support, we achieved victory with the most important priority and greatest need of our community, potable water, and realized our once unattainable dream.

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