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This is the opinion of Turkadi community leader Rabil Jafarov.

Our community has been organized since 2001. It was done with the desire and initiative of community members without involvement of any local or international organization. Our goal was to unite our efforts in order to solve social problems of the village. Initially, we formed charity society in the village and provided aid to vulnerable families and started to solve problems of the village using the resources of community members and fellow-villagers living outside of Azerbaijan. We could manage small problems. We have raised sustainability fund and hang list of people donating to the fund on three places in the village. Every community member is aware who is contributing to the fund and how much, what amount is raised and what is it spent for. The society had 20 members at the beginning while number of regular members is above 200 now. Each family contributes at least 2000 AZM to the fund per month. We have all facilities required for wedding and mourning ceremonies – tent, tables and chairs, dishes etc.

We held general community meeting in 2003 and elected action group. All levels of the community – elderly, women and youth are represented in the community action group. We created link with the CHF at that year. There existed problems in electricity supply of water pumps in the village because of which thousands hectares of lands could not be irrigated. We developed project proposal total cost of which was 15.700 $ US for irrigating sowing lands of four – Turkadi, Alijanli, Zangana and Javad villages and set electric line for six water pumps from six km distance with the help of the CHF. 35% of the above-mentioned amount was community share. Problem solution had great impact on improving welfare of the people. Such as, useless lands were planted and crops harvested. It also guaranteed community’s contribution for the implementation of next project. Our roads were in very poor condition. While searching solution of this problem we got information about the AzRIP. Our community was one of those addressing to the Regional Office first. We selected road rehabilitation project among many other priority problems. The reason was very simple – project would benefit Turkadi, Javad, Alijanli, Yolchubayli, Narlig villages of our rayon and nearly 10 villages of Kurdamir rayon. We submitted the proposal to the AzRIP. It should be noted that Turkadi is one of the most active communities in the rayon. AzRIP representatives got familiar with our activities and highly appreciated our work. Road rehabilitation project was approved. We did not have any problem except finding bitumen producer. The matter was that this material has not been produced in the country for 10-15 years. However, respective bodies assisted and we were provided with bitumen.

We have raised a new problem which is to supply the village with potable water. Turkadi residents use the Kur River for drinking. Since the water is not properly cleaned and purified, risk of poisoning is high. As for the information we have got, the World Bank will implement projects regarding solution of potable water problem in Azerbaijan.

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