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Success stories


          Seven community projects have been implemented in the Lower-Shirvan zone last year. According to Regional Operations Office Director Garib Azizov, “Additional Classrooms’ Construction” project in Dahnakhalil village, Aghdash rayon holds an important place among the implemented projects. Dahnakhalil Community Project Committee’s Chairman and school director Rafig Hashimov considers that community’s self-discipline was a main factor in achieving success:         

          “Frankly speaking, arrival of AzRIP representatives at the beginning of 2006 was unexpected for us. They informed community members about AzRIP’s goal and objectives. After getting introduced with the terms of cooperation, we declared its’ acceptability for us. Mobilization was conducted and relevant trainings were imparted. Dahnakhalil community members addressed the existence of some priority needs like construction of potable water pipeline, repair of electric transmission lines and etc. Nevertheless, a majority of the population stressed the significance of education and preferred construction of additional classrooms. Community’s cash contribution was calculated USD 2,009. There was no problem in raising this amount.

         LET’S DO IT AGAIN! The fact is that kids studying in this school are not only from Dahnakhalil village, but also from Aghjayazi village and Turyanchay settlement which is 5km away. Three hundred and seventy pupils study in this school. Even though it is far from modesty, I must say that Dahnakhalil secondary school differs for its high level education in the rayon. The school previously had only 13 classrooms. We were obliged to have classes in three shifts due to lack of classrooms.

          We got eight new classrooms under this community project. New classrooms are used by primary class students. The Rayon Education Department equipped all classrooms with new furniture. Use of new classrooms will help to increase level of education much higher. We have established a fund to ensure sustainability of this project.”         

                   Real outcomes of collaboration with AzRIP are obvious. As mentioned above, Dahnakhlil community has some more unsolved problems. We have decided to address AzRIP again and continue our collaboration to attain a potable water supply for the village which is another one of our problems.

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