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14-05-2014, 15:12, Saw: 566



          “School repair and construction of new classrooms” holds an important place among the AzRIP funded projects. One of the schools is opening its doors on September 15 – “Day of Knowledge” to schoolchildren after capital repair and was named Smadakand Secondary School after Ali Sadimoghlu in Saatli rayon. The village’s population is comprised of Akhiska Turks, exiled to Middle Asia and Gazakhistan in 1944.            

Sadim Mahammadov, father of a martyr, wished in his speech to pupils of the school named after his son to be energetic to obtain deep knowledge, love one’s motherland and always be ready to defend it.           Hamza Ramizov, CPC chairman of Simadakand community talked about the project noting that community members prioritized a school repair project with AzRIP funding: “In spite of other urgent problems e.g. potable water supply problem in the village, I think we are not mistaken in our selection, because good conditions for perfect education of our children is much more important”.

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