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Be as Precious as Water

22-12-2014, 15:30, Saw: 510

Insufficiency of potable water problem has existed in Goychay rayon Incha community with 4000 population more than 15 years. This concern of the community members, particularly villagers living in remote blocks of the community completely deprived of potable water could not be solved for ever. People adapted to different way of living under socio-psychological influence of distinct system and conviction for years had lost their belief in the resolution of the problem. Just because of this distrust, AzRIP’s offer to assist in solving potable water supply problem was accepted with some hesitation in the community. This hesitation was replaced with trust and joy after the whole process of community’s application to ROO, AzRIP’s decision to support the community, rural appraisal, proposal development by community members, grant allocation for the project realization and at last, successful implementation of “Potable Water Supply” project. Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project conducted Participatory Rural Appraisal in Incha belonging to the group of communities with poor infrastructure index, approved the project proposal developed by community members and started implementation. Water pipeline (1800 m) was constructed for the use of villagers who were suffering from deficiency of potable water and used open water basins, source of infectious diseases, to meet their potable water need for years. Twelve public water points constructed at 20 blocks of the village are now supplied from this main pipeline. Community members are extremely happy now as their wish has come true after long years. “Without this project supported by AzRIP, it was obvious how miserable was the condition of village. Successfully completed project revived life in the village and encouraged people to live and create again. We are more than grateful to AzRIP for that”-said municipal chairman OgtayKhalilov and spoke about the Operation and Maintenance Fund established by CPC, regular maintenance and close support of local authorities in project implementation. After the handover of AzRIP funded project, construction of 8 more public water points with funds from community sustainability fund that is community’s internal resource, financial source for implementing independent projects and serve for community needs is the most gratifying success caused by the project. Village secondary school with about 800 pupils was also suffering from water problem and 75 teachers of the school were first supporters of this project. Village school benefited from supplied water as public water point was constructed at schoolyard too. Obviously, water brought great revival and enthusiasm to school with regard to study of pupils, attendance to classes and performance of teachers. Main qualities of Incha community such as coming to common consent around community needs and problems, making joint efforts for resolving existing problems and considering elderly people’s suggestions and recommendations formed main strategy of the community to be recognized as a mobilized and well-organized community. The whole community considers AzRIP as a patient and strict master to train community how to acquire, learn and apply these qualities and express their endless gratitude at any opportune moment.
Incha community members deprived from potable water and lived in thirst for years are now enjoying the delight of having water, highly appreciate it and pray not to be deprived from this gift again. They wish AzRIP “to always be precious as water” which succeeded in solving this problem

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