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Great Joy for Arab Community

22-12-2014, 15:29, Saw: 253

It was a very happy day in Aghdash rayon Arab community. The problem lasting for years has finally been solved. Visiting other villages and rayon centre for even very simple and common health issue has already come to an end. They already have got a health point to look after their health, conveniently address to and can call "our own clinic". Completed "Clinic construction" project would be at their disposal from now on.There was no sign of healthy and useful medical service in the "clinic" located at old, rather small kolkhoz shop which was in very bad and insanitary conditions. Community members had to visit rayon centre or city hospitals. Medical inspection and first medical aid to kids and pregnant women was remaining as an urgent health issue in the village. Solution to the problem was sought outside rather than the native village. The problem lasted for many years was finally solved with AzRIP support and "Clinic Construction" project implemented in Arab community was completed with great success. The clinic serving for 2100 people from Arab community, as well as neighboring community members has been provided with qualified health staff paid by the government- two nurses, health chief, medical attendant and technical health supplies (provision of some more medical equipments from the budget of 2009 year is also expected) in order to provide high level health service to all patients. Village municipality is directly controlling over the maintenance issues of clinic building consisting of four rooms being the property of central hospital. CPC has established sustainability fund for long-term and smooth operation of the project and developed action plan to maintain it in fit for use condition. Necessary actions are taken for environmental protection too. Sewerage system has been connected to wastewater ditch running nearby while medical wastes are collected and burnt in closed place or disposed by being buried in dumpsite.The clinic constructed in the village after all troubles is now very precious for community members and made them all very happy and its personnel manage their job well and try to provide high-level medical service to patients. In particular, problems encountered during immunization of kids and examination of pregnant women have been stopped and it gave them great joy; as immunization was previously carried out in classrooms, disturbed course of lessons and distracted attention. Now, immunization campaigns are timely and regularly organized and initial registration and examination of pregnant women is continuously done."AzRIP trained us to realize problems and difficulties, come together and get mobilized to seek solutions to these problems, create and maintain the output. As a striking example to government care, AzRIP is now considered as great supporter for each community member. Most importantly, AzRIP caused moral and psychological revolution in community life by giving them self-reliance, confidence and love of life who were struck by disbelief', - local Ex.Com representative KhanmusaMammadov expressed his sincere thoughts.
Community members who had provided cash and labor contribution to the project and closely involved in project implementation consider themselves owner of the project and do their best for the maintenance of the project which is one of the main factors of sustainability. Understanding that their active participation at mobilization process and right choice of clinic problem during problem ranking resulted in construction of clinic building, community feels pride for collaboration with AzRIP and wish continuation of it.

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