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Mental Relaxation for the Beydilli Community

22-12-2014, 15:27, Saw: 290

The community of Baydili in Bilasuvar rayon is one of the Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project's partner communities. It is the second big village in the rayon situated at 5 km distance from the centre and comprised of about 6800 people. The main concern of the community was the lack of normal health point to properly serve the population. Though an administrative building remaining from forties was called a "Health point", it did not almost exist. People with health problems had to go to the rayon centre or hospitals in the capital city.AzRIP representatives' visit to the village was unexpected for the community members. During their meeting in the community, AzRIP's goal, objectives, conditions and criteria was introduced to the community members and they stated community's eligibility for the project. Then mobilization and trainings were conducted in the village. Community addressed the health problem as its first priority and succeeded in solving it. Clinic Construction project was successfully completed within three months. The clinic consisting of eight rooms and thirteen personnel has been providing high-level health service to the community on therapy, pediatry, stomatology, gynecology over two years. Previous difficulties in vaccination campaigns and pre-registration of the pregnant have already been stopped and are now easily conducted on regular base. The clinic has been taken over and provided with health equipment according to the legal agreement between Rayon Ex.Com and Health Department. The most interesting fact is the increase in the number of population up to 1000 people after this achievement.
The community has implemented some other projects with community fund including the rehabilitation of water pipeline and roads, construction of bridge, gas supply and making community centre for wedding/funeral ceremonies and provided with necessary facilities. "Construction of 600 m new road and village mosque with close assistance of municipality is rapidly progressing. Installation of fence at clinic yard and planting trees is also planned. Supplementary buildings (water facilities, tank and basin) have improved the sustainability, long-term operation and efficiency of the project" - community leader MirsahibZakiyev mentioned during the conservation. Clinic yard and surrounding road has been paved with asphalt by the Rayon Ex.Com upon the completion and handover of the clinic. It is expected that rayon hospital that is in charge of regular control and overseeing the clinic performance will provide new health facilities - laboratory analysis apparatus. The community members - beneficiaries of the project now live freely and are confident that they would find a rest when address to this clinic even with a small health problem.

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