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We Are Proud of You, Iftikhar

22-12-2014, 15:26, Saw: 418

The community of Shahriyar in the Goygol rayon possesses a long and ancient history. Although its name has been changed several times, it is currently named after the Azerbaijani poet of genius, Shahriyar. Today it is a home for Internally Displaced Persons from regions occupied by Armenian invaders, as well as for refugees driven away from the Azeri lands that currently belong to Armenia and to the Turks who have come to Azerbaijan from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. It is not always easy to locate and manage displaced people; even those who have similar habits and traditions and who suffer from the same types of sorrow.

IftikharHuseynov is a young member of the Shahriyar community whose first name is the Azerbaijani word for "pride." Iftikhar is an upright representative of the community's younger generation who was elected Municipal Chairman by Shahriyar's community members. From the very beginning of his tenure, he has done his best to improve the living conditions of his fellow villagers and to fulfill his duties in a proper manner. During a consultation he held with his community's wisest elderly members, it was decided that they should search for donors for the most urgent and pressing community needs and manage other community problems one by one through the common efforts of their community members. At the same time, Mr. Huseynov also attended a Goygol rayon Executive Committee meeting where an introductory presentation was given by AzRIP. After gathering relevant information about AzRIP's accomplishments in communities similar to theirs, he informed his community of AzRIP's work and initiated their collaboration with the AzRIP regional office. During the community's preparation and mobilization workshop with AzRIP, Shahriyar community members came together again to determine how they would proceed. Thanks to his recognized initiative, Mr. Huseynov was unanimously elected to the Community Project Committee by workshop participants. As required for all AzRIP Community Project Committees, every social group in the community was represented in the Project Committee. Nevertheless, villagers were concerned and sought to find answers to questions such as: "Will there be any problems in the further progress of this work?", "Will the project serve all community members?" and "Could there be any discrimination by the CPC members?" Everyone was worried about finding answers to these questions until the project proposal was developed and the project design was presented to them during their communitywide project approval meeting. When they saw that every one of the community's roads was included in the project design, the villagers were curious to know who contributed such all-inclusive technical drawings. The answer was that their Municipal Chairman and CPC member, IftikharHuseynov, had walked every inch of every road in the village with the project's engineers, making sure that every necessary piece was included in the drawings. The entire community expressed their thanks to the young leader with grateful looks and told him, "We are proud of you! We know that our community will accomplish much more and overcome further problems under your leadership!" These words proved that Iftikhar's name is a well-deserved one.

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