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The End of the 500-year Drought in Syghdash

22-12-2014, 15:25, Saw: 252

One could feel the warm breath of spring in Syghdash, a village affected with a mysterious quality heightened by its location in the foothills of the Talysh Mountains. That sunny day was the most joyful day in centuries for its residents. Their faces radiated triumph, for at last they had overcome the water shortages that their community had struggled with for over 500 years.Mr. DadashMammadov, an elderly resident of Syghdash, described their situation when he said, “During Soviet times, women used to bring water from the mountains in heavy metal jars. In recent years, community members transported water in trucks from long distances, only partially satisfying their need for potable water. We made a few attempts to get potable water by drilling artesian wells, but to no avail. We gained nothing from our efforts. Today, some families have wells that are 25 meters deep in their yards, but the water from those wells is only good for washing dishes and laundry.”Mr. RafilHuseynov, Head of the SyghdashExCom, always paid close attention to their water problems, and even initiated the drilling of artesian wells that are 200 meters deep. But his notable efforts to find potable water failed over and over due to sand in the underlying layers of soil.Still, the people of Syghdash held hope that they would overcome their troubles one day. And, indeed, their hopes finally became reality. AzRIP's arrival to their community and their new approach to solving their problems resulted in providing the village with continuously running potable water. Mr. YadullaShahmarov, another elderly resident, told us, “Our residents started using this water in November 2013, and according to them, this fresh water also has healing properties. They compare its quality with that of Kalbajar water”, a water source renowned for its curative characteristics. Mr. HumbatJafarof, a community leader whose reputation has won him the hearts of the people, shared his joy with Syghdash residents and guests by saying, “Today is an exciting day for us, and I still cannot believe that we finally have water. We are immensely delighted that we brought such generous people into our lives through AzRIP; these people have granted us such a beautiful day. For 500 years, our ancestors passed away still longing for water. So, it is in our great fortune to taste this wonderful water."On that historic day when everyone could feel the warm breath of spring, Ms. GulbanizGanbarova shared her joy with Syghdash residents by saying, "My congratulations, my dear Syghdash community! When I came here the first time, I saw your magnificent mountains and lands and felt this amazing air, but it was sad to see that you had no water. It is wonderful to see your village today, now that you have such delicious water.” Mr. SubhanAskerov, AzRIP Director, also congratulated the Syghdash people by saying, “Water is one of the most important elements that bestows life to all humanity. Today I would like to express my endless gratitude to Mr. RafilHuseynov who partnered with AzRIP so effectively. He played a tremendous role in the successful completion of this project that meets the water needs of 3,970 people. By jointly implementing this project, we have reached the highest level of partnership. I have heard these people have dealt with water problems for the last 500 years. Now we are the happiest people in the world, even if we played only a small part in this sacred work”.

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