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Water Brought Prosperity to Kamally Community

22-12-2014, 15:17, Saw: 285

When you dive into the childhood memories, you recall heroes fighting with Syclopes from the ancient mythology, who would block the water. In these stories we usually read how people would sacrifice themself for one gulp of water.
For years, Kamally community of Saatly rayon also suffered from lack of water. They could not find water even to irrigate their gardens and crops. Thus, Kamally residents “sacrificed” many things in their lives. Many families permanently left the community and there was a real threat that all familis will abandon the community. At these days of despair and hopelessness, a real miracles started to occur in Kamally.
AzRIP started its operations Mugan-Salyan region in 2005, choosing those communities with poor infrastructure and allocting grants to meet their basic needs. Once hearing about the launch of AzRIP, Kamally community elders applied to regional office in Sabirabad to solve the burning issue of the community- the lack of irrigation water. Soon, their application was examined very carefully and the community was told that they meet the AzRIP criteria. Local residents very actively participated in the mobilization process and they unanimously voted for irrigation water needs as their first priority. The elected community group members developed the relevant project proposal and submitted to AzRIP.
"Irrigation System Rehabilitation" project was completed in three months. July 8, 2006- this day was celebrated as a holiday in Kamally. At last, after many years the land started reviving and flowers began blossoming. Now community residents say that “AzRIP was that hero defeating Syclopes, who was blocking the water”. Those familes who fleed from their native village moved back again, once hearing that there is a water in the village. Agricultural areas began developing very rapidly and peoples’ day-to-day economic condition was improved. Like in every rural area, youth of Kamally used to leave their community for better living opportunities, but now they plan to permanently stay in their village. Because they wish to contribute to the prosperous future of their community.

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