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YukharyKebirli is Confidently Walking through the Development Path

22-12-2014, 15:14, Saw: 401

Back in 1948, families from, Salmanbeyli, Tazakand and Pariogullar villages of Aghjabadi rayon moved to Sahra settlement in Mil Flat of Beylagan rayon to engage in viticulture in order to improve their livelihood. After working here for a while, these families decided to get settled here and in 1957 they renamed the settlement to Yukhary Kabirli, in honor to Kabar tribes.
Since the settlemnen in this territory community meresidents have been trying to develop Yukhary Kebirli in order to not to lag behind from the neighboring communities. Yet the community had number of unsolved problems.
In 2002, they were able to invite CHF International to their community and solve most important problems like the school and drinking water. The community also applied to Agro Information Center to plant green trees in the area and clean out the irigation canal. Despite the fact the the local municipality contributed to cleaning out the irrigation canal and constructed a bridge, the rehabilitation of community road was still remaining a priority. Althogh the community and municipality joined their efforts to partially rehabilitate these roads, there was a need for much bigger assistnace to solve the road problem.
Tofig Gasymov, Municipality Chief of Yukhary Kabirli, who was always in seach for external financial assistance, applied to AzRIP through neighboring Orangala Municipality. Dozens of men and women were already mobilized when AzRIP staff visited the community. During the mobilization process residents listed numerous problems existing within the community, but community elders, youth, women insisted on only one problem-the roads. The bad condition of the road was evident from pit-holes and the dust generated by moving vehicles and cattle.
Sadaget Gasymov, the community resident, noted the importance of women's participation saying that we, as women should express our opinion not only here, but also outside of the community. We should not get relaxed once the road problem is solved. We have to become an active member of AzRIP family and keep walking through the development path with self-reliance.
Rehabilitation of the 5350 meters of roads through AzRIP support become a true holiday celebration for the residents of the community. Tofig Gasymov, Municipality Chief was immencely happy and this is how he shared his joy with everyone: “For years we have been trying to repair these roads but we did not have sufficient financial means to do so. Through the repair of our road you laid the path to development and our bright future. Recently I became the participant of the VI inter-zonal cross-visit session and there I gained new friends, shared lessons learned with each other and of course, gained more experience. My wish is to see the these communities visiting our community for the next inter-zonal cross-visit session “

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