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Ahmedli Community Steps Towards the New Visions

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Ahmedly community, located at 20 km from Beylagan rayon centre, is famous for Khaladj healing waters. They have started to cooperate with international organizations since 2005. The IMC humanitarian organization built a medical center in Khaladj community. Since then people tried to find solutions to existing problems and improve their social and economic state. The community members summoned a meeting immediately after they had heard about AzRİP realizing projects in neighboring communities. They decided to apply for AzRİP2 project in that summit. The municipality chief MezahirNazarov and Territorial Executive Representative RafigAyvazov visited Mugan-Salyan Regional Operational Office and applied to them on behalf of Ahmedly community. AzRİP2 associates considered the application and visited the community. Mobilization was held fruitfully. The elderly, women, youth, IDPs settled in the community took active part in the mobilization. Village Evaluation with Participation seminar was held with the participation of 185 persons from 415 families. In other words, 44.58 % of all families in the village were involved. Outlanders from Fizuli, Agdam, Lachin and Jabrail regions mentioned that they were treated with special foster and care in the community.
The Ahmedly secondary school principal, Community Group chief, and an IDP YusifHasanov noted: “When we first resided in this community, the roads were in very poor conditions in 1995. We used to dwell in school building as an IDP family. Ahmedly people treated us in a warm and welcoming manner. Today, I feel as a fully-fledged member of community, and I left all the hardships in the past. Here, in the community a major part of the population are intellectuals.”
“Road reconstruction” was on the top of the agenda, in the course of mobilization. Implementation of the project started, following the Community Group members’ election and trainings.
The 1200 m road was flattened with gravel on account of the left financial means and support of municipality, after realization of the project. In addition, the highway in community was covered in asphalt under the support of government. Inspired by the settled problems and implemented projects in the community, the villagers applied to the SEDA program. For the time being, the realization of “Seed cleaning shop” project is on the way to start within the financial aid of SEDA.
The Community Group once again applied to AzRİP2 for another project, encouraged by the received trainings and the projects done in the community.
Observing the active participation, successful technical execution, utilization and sustainability of the project, AzRİP2 authorized the second project, called “Renovation of the Community Area”.
NowAhmedly community steps towards thenew visions.
Ahmedli Community Steps Towards the New Visions

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