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Azerbaijani youth are modern people who have comprehensive knowledge in all fields and are able to represent their country in the international arena. Youth means development, hope and innovation. Our nation's destiny is in the hands of youth, who are our most precious asset. Youth activities in the Seyidler village of Saatly rayon have been obvious since the establishment of the community in 2003. The vast majority of the population is made up of highly educated people who support youth in their growth as useful citizens of the nation. According to Mirsahib Abdullayev, Community Group Leader, youth from their community have won a number of knowledge competitions at the rayon level and have demonstrated their superiority in sports by becoming volleyball champions of the region. Alkhuda Talybov, Municipal Chairman, said that shortly after being established as a community, the people started to collaborate with a humanitarian organization to carry out a school construction project. Youth of this community worked hard day and night, putting forth effort to complete the construction within 65 days. Moreover, in 2004 and subsequent years, the youth took an active role in projects funded by various humanitarian organizations implementing an electrical sub-station restoration project, as well as projects for water, roads, installation of transformers and mobile tents.

"It was natural that our belief forced us to vote for young people to become community group members, because they have proven their potential”, said Alkhuda Talybov. Also, youth are more active users of modern technology and have greater access to information. They were able to gather 250 people together for the first community-wide meeting during AzRIP’s first visit by conducting proper outreach work. There is no doubt that the election of youth to the community group was a unanimous decision of community residents. Mirsahib Abdullayev, a young Community Group Chairman, said that they have taken part in interactive trainings organized within AzRIP and have thoroughly understood the training materials. "We observed the implementation of AzRIP projects in neighboring Garajalar and Alisoltanly communities, and witnessed how those projects helped solve their social problems. We desired to implement such a project in our community, and now we are about to achieve it," she said. “We were able to collect the required community contributions in a short period of time and transfer the money to the contractor’s bank account for the restoration of our internal community roads”.

Rovshan Guliyev, another young member of the community group, said they are committed to begin activities related to the creation of the medical point, once the road rehabilitation project is completed. According to him, the Saatlı Executive Committee was informed of the project and has also applied to the local health department with a request to appoint three medical personnel to work at the medical point. The Gadimkand community in Nefchala rayon is one of the AzRIP communities that supports youth, encouraging them to participate in social activities. Although it may seem surprising, in 2013 this community elected Zulfiqar Səmədli as their Community Group Leader. He is 24 years old and leading a community-wide meeting with a participation of 200 residents. Everybody knew Zulfiqar as an exemplary student during his school years. Javahir Mammadova, his Russian language teacher, said that Zulfiqar always played an active role in school public activities. After completing his military service, Zulfiqar was accepted to Baku Technical College where he acquired knowledge in the field of accounting. He graduated from the college in 2013, and now wishes to be accepted to a university to earn a Master's Degree in computer engineering. Although Zulfiqar is young, he has been actively involved in the preparation of strategic and sociological maps, project posters and graphics during training sessions organized by AzRIP. In addition, Zulfiqar organized community meetings in five different locations in the village to collect money for the implementation of road projects supported by AzRIP. Thanks to his promotion, the required amount of money was collected just one day after the meetings. “I was chosen to be the Community Group Leader because our people trust me and have faith in me. I dare to say that perhaps I am the youngest Community Group Leader of all. Usually I run, rather than walk, toward completing assigned tasks," said Zulfiqar. Indeed, everyone recognizes Zulfiqar as a responsive leader who is capable of leading the youth behind him. According to Azer Karimov, Municipal Chief, Zulfiqar first demonstrated his leadership capacity in the summer of 2010, when there was a threat of the Kura River flooding. At that time, there was a great need for manual labor in dam work. In response to the municipal chief’s request, he mobilized a group of young people to fill bags with soil to reinforce the dam. At times when there was a threat of leakage from the dam, Zulfiqar himself took on the responsibility of guarding the entire area at night and inform the municipality, local representatives and people in case of leakage.

“Youth like Zülfüqar are the heartbeat and future success of our community“, said Javahir Mammadova. "Without them we would be helpless to handle so much work”. The work that has been done by youth to develop communities, both in Seyidler as well as Gadimkend, is commendable. AzRIP wishes good luck to every one of them!

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