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Health protection is considered to be of critical importance at all times. As the great Azerbaijani journalist and scientist Hasan bey Zardabi once said, “You need to be safe if you wish to be happy, because your happiness depends on health, not on wealth.” Today each of us sees the attention the Azerbaijani government gives to the healthcare sector of our country. Each year, health centers are built across Azerbaijan to provide care to the Azeri people. In turn, AzRIP continues to support healthcare projects in response to the needs of our nation's communities. The Yeni Novruzlu community of Saatly rayon is comprised of 220 houses, and is situated proximate to the city of Sabirabad. This community started collaborating with AzRIP in 2005. That same year, Yeni Novruzlu implemented the rehabilitation of five kilometers of intercommunity roadway using AzRIP support for the first time in their history. According to Jeyran Ibrahimova, Community Group Leader, at that time they succeeded in collecting community contributions to overcome the road problem. “Yet, I have to admit that we faced challenges while collecting the cash contributions and bringing people together for the project execution. But later on we benefited from recommendations and best practices of other communities through cross-community visits.”

Despite the fact that there have been no additional projects carried out since 2005, their communications and relationships with AzRIP have remained strong. Thanks to this strength, Jeyran Ibrahimova was given the opportunity to visit the entire area and become familiar with AzRIP projects. While there, she learned the local customs and traditions, including those of the Nakhchivan zone. Jeyran participated enthusiastically in workshops offered on capacity building, as well as in training and conferences. She developed friendships there that continue today. Yeni Novruzlu, which resumed collaboration with AzRIP in 2013, is considered to be an advanced community. Currently, five out nine members of their community group are women, and in November 2013 they launched the "Medical Point Construction" project. Valeh Aliyev, the chief of the municipality said, "This community applied to many NGOs for collaboration. But as a result of our research and applications, and on the basis of previous experience, we conclude that AzRIP is the only professional organization that operates in this area. Not only are they capable, the people of AzRIP are cooperative during these projects. Therefore, we decided to implement the Medical Point Construction project in cooperation with AzRIP”.

The absence of a medical point in Yeni Novruzlu and neighboring communities confirms the importance of the project. Jeyran Ibrahimova said that community residents are sometimes obliged to drive to Sabirabad town to receive standard pain relief treatments. The community that was re-mobilized by AZRIP initiated the collection of cash contributions and transferred the collected amount to the contractor’s account quickly. The project commenced on November 25, 2013, and was completed successfully in early February of 2014. The 10x9 meter building has five rooms and is located in a section of the community that is accessible to many. Residents of at least seven villages pass by it on their way to Sabirabad every day, so this medical point can provide their primary healthcare services easily. Their Community Group Leader also said that as a result of their successful cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the local health department will contribute medical equipment in the amount of 7000 AZN for this project. Three medical staff members have already been appointed to serve there, and medical personnel will also serve more vulnerable people in their homes, such as elderly people, children and pregnant women unable to travel to the medical point. AzRIP staff is pleased with the successes of the Yeni Novruzlu community, and some of them even boast of their achievements. This small contribution they made to public health at the community level guarantees a healthy society in the future.

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