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Mrs. Kaklik is recognized for her humanity and goodwill, not only in the Husulu village she was born in, but also in neighboring communities and the entire Agjabedi rayon. The Husulu village has an interesting history. It was founded in the 1700's and its first resident was a man named Husu. Initially, three families lived there, and then the number of people increased steadily. The first school in the village was built in 1898, and since 1903 it has functioned as Russian-Tatar school. Husulu village has always been proud of its intelligent and hardworking people like Mrs. Kaklik. She started to work in 1973 and was awarded the title of “Agricultural Prize Laureate” and the Gold Medal of USSR National Economic Achievements in 1989. Starting entrepreneurship activity in 1996, this selfless lady established the Kaklik farmer enterprise and is currently the Municipal Chairperson of the Husulu community.

Mrs. Kaklik is a worthy leader who is closely involved in the public and social activities of the village. She cares for the people’s problems and tries to provide solutions using all types of support. Community Group Leader Bakhish Bakhisov said, “She is a noble, determined, persistent and proud lady. All of the Husulu people witness her irreplaceable contributions in the development of the community. Some years ago, she laid out a large park in the municipal area for the community using her own initiative and finances. That park is now the favorite recreation place of all Husulu residents. Moreover, Mrs. Kaklik rehabilitated two existing artesian wells and laid out the surrounding area with her own funds. When she was not satisfied with only those accomplishments, she supported additional greenery planting and further development around all of the shops in the community area". Mrs. Kaklik also supports charity works. Using her income from a private farming enterprise, she organized a mobile tent for ceremonies and provides it for free to people in need. She also provides financial support to poorer families when they hold mourning ceremonies.

AzRIP’s arrival in the Husulu community is another one of her biggest endeavors. She applied to AzRIP's Mughan-Salyan Regional Operations Office in spring 2013 and initiated a collaboration to address problems of the Husulu village. After her appeal, a mobilization workshop was held on April 15, 2013, a rainy, drizzly day when the community group and monitoring group were elected. Once the intra-village roads were repaired with the financial support of AzRIP, she organized tree plantings across those roads using her personal funds. The operation and maintenance of the road project were ensured with municipal support as soon as the project was completed.

The appearance of the Husulu community has changed dramatically, with no sign of the former village. This woman we became acquainted with has become the pride of her community through her charity and goodwill. Her motherly care for the community set an honorable example for everyone to follow. God Bless you, Mrs. Kaklik, and please never leave Husulu!

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