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The after-effects of floods from the Kura River in recent years did not bypass the Beshdali community, which is 70 kilometers north of the Neftchala rayon center. Although the floods did not cause direct damage to the community, transporting through the village the heavy machinery needed to deepen the Kura River delta caused serious problems. It resulted in the destruction of the village road paved with bitumen in 1984. This trying situation was seen on both the community access road and the intra-village roads. It was a heart-aching scene to look at six- and seven-year-old primary school children walking to school down bumpy, messy roads on rainy days by covering their shoes with plastic bags. Small repairs made by those responsible for maintenance to sections of the road did not improve the situation, so Beshdali residents presented the issue to AzRIP. The population of Becshdali is comprised primarily of intellectuals, and in history it included Khanoglan Mammadov, the national hero of the Neftchala rayon. Although the community has no previous work experience with local or international humanitarian organizations, thanks to their intelligent population they have a functioning community fund even today. Moreover, the community has a mobile tent for ceremonies that was created using their own initiative and efforts. A family conducting a mourning ceremony usually is provided with the mobile tent and equipment for free and with AZN 120 on the condition of returning it. The existence of such a helpful contribution to the community shows that the Beshdali people agreed to come together and solve the problems of its needy. The exemplary ways of the Beshdali community could not be ignored by AzRIP.

In October 2013, AzRIP officially started the mobilization of the Beshdali community, a population of 1050. During this process, the poor condition of its roads was ranked as the top priority. Municipal Chairman Elman Soltanov confessed that, “The municipality budget created through taxes collected from citizens throughout the year does not exceed AZN 7000. Obviously, this is a small amount to resolve the social problems that exist in the community. However, today we believe the way out of our problem is only by collaboration with AzRIP”.

An active member of the community group, Shahrabanu Ahmadova, said, “There was lack of confidence among the population at the mobilization stage held in October. Nevertheless, a road project started with AzRIP support in neighboring Garagashli community overcame this lack of confidence”. In the next phase, a community group consisting of six women was formed. In December 2013, once AzRIP decided to support the intra-village road rehabilitation project proposed by the community, implementation of the project began. At the start of the project, the community and the municipality mobilized to provide both cash and in-kind contributions. Gravel was paved on a 3,5-kilometer road and roadside ditches were cleaned in a 1,2-kilometer area. The project was completed in just two weeks. Municipal Chairman Elman Soltanov expressed his joy by saying, “Repair of the road is a part of our success. AzRIP did not only solve our problem, but they also increased our community’s trust in us by supporting the solution to this problem. We will be successful as long as there is mutual trust and confidence”.

Along with granting a comfortable road for Beshdali community, AzRIP also restored the residents' sense of self-confidence, self-reliance and self-assertion. However, there is much more to do. As a team, AzRIP believes that Beshdali community will benefit effectively from their experience collaborating with AzRIP, and bring together neighboring communities to implement larger projects. With their on-going experiences, they will continue to achieve valued successes.

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