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The Ashagi Chamanli community, located 12 kilometers from the Beylagan rayon center, remained beyond care and attention for years. During those years, people tried to stand on their own feet to improve their socio-economic situation. Community members living in difficulty often looked forward to the day when an organization would remember their community and show them the way toward solving their problems. In 2013, Ashagi Chamanli community met with success when they started to collaborate with supportive organizations. When AzRIP engaged in collaboration with them, they proved to be one of the most active communities AzRIP staff has ever collaborated with. That year they solved their road problem, which was the highest priority problem of the community.

In early 2013, during a meeting between AzRIP representatives and neighboring Yukhari Chamanli community members, two people approached the AzRIP representatives and said, “We invite you to our community on behalf of the Ashaghi Chamanli people. Roads in our community are in poor condition, and none of our population, especially schoolchildren and elderly people, can move through the mud in winter and the dust in summer. We would like you to visit us, see our problems and show us the way out”. These two people were Mammad Guliyev, Group Member, and Gasim Orujov, Municipality Chairman of the Ashaghi Chamanli community. The AzRIP representatives accepted their invitation and visited the community soon after the meeting. They were warmly welcomed by the village municipality, local ExCom representatives, aksakals (elderly wise people) and youth as dear guests. The terrible condition of their roads was evident on the muddy shoes and clothing of community members and in the stagnant water of the community pond.

Soon, a six-kilometer road was restored in Ashaghi Chamanli through the active involvement of its community members and the financial support of AzRIP, with a total of 2705 community members benefiting from their success. However, it was not their last project. Inspired by the completed project and the training they received in capacity-building, the community applied to the SEDA program and was able to repair an additional two kilometers of internal road with their financial support. Everything is different in the community now. Their roads are comfortable and tidy. The next time AzRIP representatives visited Ashagi Chamanli, they noticed a sense of trust and satisfaction on the faces of community group members and village residents when they met with them. They told the AzRIP representatives that they don’t feel forgotten and isolated any more, and expressed their wishes to continue collaborating with AzRIP and developing their community further. They now know they will achieve their goals by working with AzRIP. According to Aydin Hasanov, Community Group Leader of Ashaghi Chamanli, they have achieved one success after another. “These projects are just the beginning for us. For our next step, we have developed an interesting project proposal to implement a cluster of “Drainage Canal Cleanings”. That project will increase the productivity of our lands in collaboration with neighboring villages”.

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