15-05-2014, 11:15, Saw: 336

Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project's outstanding performance in improving the infrastructure of and living conditions in rural areas of the Northwestern zone excited the interest of the Piyadalar community of the Barda rayon. Piyadalar community members made the decision to work with AzRIP after they saw that the infrastructural problems of neighboring villages were resolved with AzRIP support and collaboration. Their community was suffering from many problems for years. Although they had completed some small projects on their own with sporadic mobilization trends in the community, in recent years the Piyadalar community members had lost the ability to readily come together to solve problems. As a result, they encountered many challenges as the number of pending projects grew. Eventually, the community's main road was fully unfit for use and required immediate action to restore their flow of traffic. The community contacted AzRIP to help them get out of this difficult situation. Once their eligibility was verified, their mobilization date was set and the implementation of their project started.

The AzRIP mobilization team was very surprised when they arrived at the community's workshop venue. Hundreds of smiling people were gathered around a large tent that they had set up for the workshop, and there was an atmosphere of celebration. The community had planned a party and decorated tables with cakes, serving teas and many more treats. At first the mobilization team assumed that they had arrived at a wedding or engagement ceremony and was surprised when they found out what was really happening. Elderly community members welcomed them and informed them that the celebration was for their mobilization and everyone in the community was looking forward to their arrival. They said, "We are celebrating our reunification and are happy making the first step in that direction."

The Piyadalar community's mobilization was conducted in a warm atmosphere with mutual understanding. Everyone was happy with the results of Community Project Committee elections, and community members were confident that the selected problem would be resolved soon and would achieve their desired outcome. Everyone was ready and mobilized to provide their cash and labor contributions to the road rehabilitation effort. The community of Piyadalar demonstrated optimism in their training, project proposal development and procurement processes, and enjoyed every step forward. The community recovered from their long-lasting inertia and everyone was affected by their success.

A road is the starting point and basis for every action and deed. If the first step on every road is made with determination, confidence and good will, then all roads will lead to success. The people of Piyadalar came together and took the first step - a step that they relied on for a successful and sustainable future. This brought them joy, which was reflected on the face of everyone in the community, from the children to the elderly. In this joy, all knew that with their newly rehabilitated road the spring of 2010 would bring the Piyadalar community evermore freshness, wealth and warmth during the national Novruz Holiday.

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