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15-05-2014, 11:05, Saw: 343

Signs of old times were visible in Ashaghy Jurali community of Bilasuvar rayon too. Community road was completely destroyed and became unfit for use. Knee-deep mud in winter, smoke of dust in summer and deep potholes proved the lack of road in the village. Having great difficulties in going to regional centre and neighboring villages, the community members could not take produced crops to market. This terrible condition made traffic very hard and caused occurrence of some road incidents. Needs were not limited to the road problem, but lack of potable and irrigation water supply, health post and poor condition of school building was intensifying community concerns. Villagers were in search of way out from this problem labyrinth...

It lasted until community heard about the Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project and the community projects funded by AzRIP in some neighboring communities of Bilasuvar rayon. Ashaghy Jurali community immediately addressed to Mughan-Salyan Regional Office for the solution of their need. Address was followed up by Rapid Community Assessment, mobilization and trainings in this community with low infrastructure index. The project proposal developed by community members was approved and implementation started soon. Taking an active part in all stages of project cycle, community members contributed in cash and in kind and accomplished the project successfully. The Road Rehabilitation project serving for 2938 direct and over 15000 indirect beneficiaries was completed in April 2008. "This project funded by AzRIP brought luck to the community and became a stimulus for the resolution of other community problems; thus, potable water supply was addressed to the Ministry of Ecology and a water purification facility was installed in the village" informed the community leader Ali Abuzade. Identification and prioritization of other community needs with close assistance of AzRIP was a main factor in their proper solution. Clinic construction and school repair has been included in state budget and this progress rouse significant enlivening in the community.

As a result of collaboration with AzRIP, community members learned to come together around common problems and needs and make joint efforts to address the needs, ensure long-term and sustainability of found solutions, maintain the projects and enhance their knowledge, skills and capacities in main community development processes including mobilization, fund raising and resource identification. The community members are now enjoying their happiness and demonstrate their readiness to always stand for common needs.

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