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14-05-2014, 15:53, Saw: 371

Terrible condition of the roads was always the pressing need among the problems facing the Mollavaizli community of Saatly rayon possessing 200 years history. The community group established in the village of about 2000 population had taken some measures and prepared the community to the mobilization. The community had previously addressed the need to various organizations, but the collaboration had failed which made the community members to completely lose their trust to such entities. Community members would never think that their dream would ever come true and world outlook change, as well they may gain self-confidence as a result of collaboration with AzRIP which they had initially accepted with distrust. Municipal Chairman of the village Sanan Mutallimov describes the situation in the community before and after the project implementation: "Number of unsatisfied social needs and broken promises made community members fully pessimistic and shook their all hope for future. Nevertheless, AzRIP gave inspiration, stimulus and trust to Mollavaizli community members by keeping its promise".

Road Rehabilitation project financed by Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project completely stopped the long-lasting trouble of the community members and made an immense change in the sections of the village deprived from road. Successful completion of 8 km long road project turned to be the rebirth of Mollavaizli people as community members' dream was realized. Project's Operations and Maintenance group oversees proper operation of the project, gives much attention to avoid the road damage during the construction of telecommunication lines and gas supply pipeline and try to properly apply the necessary measures determining the maintenance process. Now the community is fully self-confident to independently implement many useful activities by the light of the experience, knowledge and skills gained from the collaboration with AzRIP, with complete perception of the mobilization and forward steps on the development way. As a logical conclusion of this confidence, all intra-village roads were connected to each-other through community fund, financial support of the village municipality and technical assistance of Rayon Road Department, new road was built at new housing area and collector-drainage system and internal irrigation canals were cleaned with financial support of Irrigation Systems Department. Additionally, construction of over 3000 m gas supply pipeline and installation of gas meters and regulatory devices has been completed, thus all necessary conditions have been created for community members' comfortable use of gas. This liveliness and unity in the community attracted the attention of wealthy people too; so Haji Hajiagha recognized for his generosity in the community funded the construction of a bridge in the village centre which provided easy traffic and shortened the 1 km long road. The completion and handover of the mosque being constructed with the financing of the community members, municipality and some more charitable people is expected soon. The population of Mollavaizli community known as an address of one of the first community projects in the country seeks to increase their knowledge, skills and capacities obtained from the collaboration with AzRIP and sincerely believe that their community would gain useful values in community development.

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