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A new clinic opened in Baydili

30-08-2007, 15:17, Saw: 606


A new clinic opened in Baydili

   Another community project funded by AzRIP was implemented and completed successfully. The newly constructed health clinic building in Beydili community of Bilesuvar district was opened to the public use. On August 29, 2007 Beydili community conducted opening ceremony of the new health clinic which will be remembered as an important event in the history of Beydili.     

    Mrs. Gulbaniz Ganbarova, AzRIP Deputy Director and Community Development Manager; Mr. Nebi Rustemov, Deputy of Bilesuvar ExCom; Shamil Jafarov, Head Doctor of the district central clinic; Atabala Hasaov, Mugan Salyan ROO Director; Aliheydar Rasulov, Local ExCom representative; Azer Zeynalov, Director of “Nicat” LLC (Contractor); Ilgar Aliyev, Health clinic director and CPC Chairman; community members Tunzale Mustafayeva and Haji Adibala Hasanov made opening speeches.

   Mrs. Gulbaniz Ganbarova reminded that Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project is implemented by State Agency on Agricultural Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture pursuant to Credit Agreement of value 21 million US Dollars, signed between the Government of Azerbaijan and International Development Association. She also notified that Beydili health clinic project is the 99th community project finally handovered by AzRIP and more than 250 000 people benefiting from all project and stressed that the implementation of projects aims not only one problem of the community, but also other social problems which directly impact the living standards of the population. She added into her words: “AzRIP is a development project. One of our development objectives is to build up capacity and strengthen the initiative of the population to identify, prioritize and solve their problems; hence the Project is a well-designed tool for this purpose.”           

     CPC Chairman, Head of Beydili Health Clinic, during his speech, informed that the clinic built in 1949 was in very critical condition and was useless. It impacted the public service negatively and the level of medical services went down time by time: “Village Beydili is one of the biggest villages of the district. The population of the village is about 5600; which 1700 of them are children under 14.  We deeply hope that, the population will highly be served in the clinic. Previously, the doctors had to accommodate in three rooms, medical inspection and treatment conditions were limited. Now, with deeply gratitude, we know that we have a newly constructed clinic with 8 rooms, not only cabinets of therapy, gynecology, dentist, but also laboratories.” 

     CPC Chairman added into his words that the value of the project was $ 49 300, which 10% was community contribution. “As you know, half of the community contribution must be in cash, where another half should be in kind contribution. I proudly would like to stress that we didn’t come across with any case and trouble while fundraising and involving community members in the construction and labor contribution. Community members made great efforts for completing the project in a short time.  According to my opinions, AzRIP is a project approaching people to each other, creating warmest relations and teaching how to reach the objectives. 

     In his speech, Nebi Rustemov, Deputy of Local ExCom, gave brief information about the activities carried out in Bilesuvar district within the framework of  “Socio-economic development of the regions” signed by the President: “At the moment, the construction of Olympic sport complex and Milk-producing factory is going on. At the end of the year, the construction of water-filling station and sewerage system will start.” Nebi Rustemov also noted that the Beydili community gained much experience during the implementation of the project; and wished them to use lessons learned successfully during the implementation of further projects.   

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