19-01-2007, 15:00, Saw: 543

A National Community Investment Conference was held at the initiative and financial support of Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project (AzRIP) Project Management Unit on January 17-18, 2007. Main objectives of the conference were exchange of best practices of the communities operating by the support of AzRIP, national and international NGOs, and CD stakeholders, to achieve the mutual use of various community initiatives, and on the other side, to bring the potential donors together, share experiences on effective and proportional use of investments, as well as discuss social, environmental and technical aspects of community investments. In the opening part of the conference, Ilham Guliyev, Deputy of the Minister of Agriculture, Razim Veliyev, General Director of the State Agency on Agricultural Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture, Vagif Huseynov, Head of Saatly ExCom, Gulhuseyn Ahmedov, member of parliament, Soubhan Asgerov, Project Director, Khalil Aliyev, Director of the “Nakhchivan Agribusiness” LLC, Israil Isgenderov, Director of “Umid” LNGO and Mrs. Gulbaniz Ganbarova, Deputy Director and Community Development Manager of AzRIP made valuable speeches. Representatives of Government, Embassy of Japan in Azerbaijan, “CHF International” INGO, “Save the Children” INGO, “World Vision” INGO, “Democracy Learning” National NGO, SFDI and IFAD project participated in the conference. 15 minute chronology film “AzRIP-2 years” related to the activities implemented during two years was presented to the conference participants. “Effective Use of Investments”, “Institutional Capacity Building”, “Social Participation”, “and Environmental Policy” Sessions were conducted within the conference. Simultaneous group presentations and discussions on the topic were made during the sessions. Findings and results of the group discussions were listened during the plenary wrap-up of the sessions. AzRIP PMU considers that, conference is a good way to extend and strengthen the community networking and will serve to achieve the intended goals.

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