11-04-2005, 14:55, Saw: 451

On November 03, 2006 the Regional Capacity Building Conference was held in Nakhchivan city by the organizational support and management of the Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project Management Unit and Nakhchivan Agribusiness LLC. Mrs. Gulbaniz Ganbarova, AzRIP Deputy Director and Community Development Manager, Khalil Aliyev, Director of the Nakhchivan Agribusiness LLC, Abulfat Ahmedov, Regional Operations Office Director; Elshan Mamedov Service Provider Team Leader and members from 26 communities participated in the conference. Mass media and Nakhchivan TV representatives attended the conference too. Khalil Aliyev, Director of the Nakhchivan Agribusiness LLC, made an opening speech and kindly requested the participants to call the memory of former President and National Leader Heydar Aliyev for a minute. Khalil Aliyev wished success to the conference participants. Mrs. Gulbaniz Ganbarova, AzRIP Deputy Director and Community Development Manager thanked all the participants for participating and expressed her gratitude for cooperating with AzRIP. She also added that such events will have long-term and unforgettable tracks; experience exchange and capacity enhancement of the participants will have strong positive impact; initiate people to achieve and will give its contribution in gaining success. Abulfat Ahmedov, ROO Director, notified the positive changes, and emphasized that the communities once with no experience can now easily identify, prioritize their problems and convert them into projects, and this is the success of AzRIP. He appreciated the continuous support from the Government of Azerbaijan as well as Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and stressed that this success is the result of mutual cooperation and understanding. Also he gave broad information about the projects in Nakhchivan, about the opening ceremonies of the handovered projects using slide presentations. Elshan Aliyev, Service Provider Team Leader informed the participants about the projects which will be presented during the conference. Then, the community representatives, from various communities introduced their community projects and gave detailed information. The presentations of Kirna community (Potable Water project), by CPC Chairman Hagverdi Aliyev on “Project Supervision and Environmental Safety”; Saltag community (School Rehabilitation) CPC Chairman Azad Kazimov on “Role of the Government in Project Design, Implementation and Sustainability”; Beneniyar community (Construction of Clinic) Sevinj Mamedova on “Monitoring and Evaluation during Project Implementation” were attentively listened by the participants. Consequently, all the participants were introduced with all the projects of these communities. Eventually, these presentations played an important role as lessons learned from the ongoing projects which are at the different stages of implementation. After each presentation, participants carried out group works and not only delivered personal opinions and proposals but also made important notes. Then, presentation of the group works were carried out and it was noted that the planning and working according to the plan and the monitoring of the community projects are always focused in the communities. During these presentations CPC chairman of Dirnis community (Ordubad district) Amiraslan Farajov, municipality chairman of Yukhari Eylis community Ehtiram Mamedov participated much actively. The conference was very interesting for community members and they exchanged experience. A quiz about the history and geography of the Nakhchivan AR made the conference more interesting; the participants who answered the questions correctly were rewarded. The conference was recorded by the Nakhchivan AR TV representatives and the guests, some community representatives were interviewed. A telecast about the conference including interviews was prepared by the Nakhchivan TV and broadcasted for several times.

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