» II National Community Investment Conference


II National Community Investment Conference

12-12-2007, 12:33, Saw: 551

II National Community Investment Conference, the top assembly of AzRIP Community Networking program was held on December 10- 11, 2007 in Imishli town with the financial support of AzRIP and at the initiative of AzRIP Management Unit.

Besides the repr esentatives of more than 300 network communities so far, AzRIP initiated to bring together the CD Stakeholders and potential donors in this conference and share experiences on effective and proportional use of investments, as well as discuss social, environmental and technical aspects of community investments. The conference objectives included:
1. Capacity building within communities through facilitating the exchange of best practices and cross-fertilization of initiative
2. Promote discussion on demand-driven issues related to sustainability of investments
3. Enabling the participants to enhance the quality of rural investments by networking through Partnering, Lessons Learned, Learning from practice and Information dissemination to partners and stakeholders
The conference brought together key CD Stakeholders operating in Mughan - Salyan, Lower Shirvan and Nakhchivan economic zones and implementers of the rural investment programs including Regional ExComs, Central government, Parliament members, International and Local NGOs, World Bank, Embassies, AzRIP, Community and municipal leaders, Community Development Specialists and Media
The conference included a mix of traditional conference activities, such as plenary sessions, working groups, case studies, as well as participatory activities and networking opportunities.

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