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Staff Retreat

11-10-2009, 11:13, Saw: 394

Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project commenced new phase after the Additional Financing Agreement signed between the World Bank and the Government of Azerbaijan got effectiveness on June 12, 2009 and started to continue its mission to ensure proper formation, development and sustainability of widespread community action in the country and achievements gained under original project. Being one of the main and significant directions of the Capacity Enhancement component that widely reflects strategic issues, the Staff Retreat took place in Afra Hotel, Oghuz rayon on October 7-10, 2009.

The event started on October 7 aimed to get familiar with forthcoming strategy of AzRIP, discuss new set of quidelines, touch on some issues including effectiveness of gained success, lessons learned and development concept, as well as team building and exchange of information. AzRIP Director Subhan Asgarov made an opening speech and spoke about AzRIP’s successfully accomplished action plan targeting to improve access to infrastructure services by investing local infrastructures, reduce poverty and build capacity of communities through mobilization and trainings in order to make them capable to identify their problems, select priorities and implement projects using own resources under original project during 2005-2008. He also emphasized the importance of staff retreat in AzRIP operation and its use for exchange of opinions. AzRIP Deputy Director and Community Development/Capacity Enhancement Manager Gulbaniz Ganbarova introduced agenda to the participants and wished them success.

Under AzRIP’s Current Status section, Kamala Aghayeva (PAT leader), Ramin Mammadov (North-West ROO) and Abulfat Ahmadov (Nakhchivan ROO) provided information about the progress in community development sphere, projects implemented in the communities that benefit from huge opportunities of integration, grow and move resolutely forward on the way of independent development as well as ongoing activities in economic zones.Presentation of feedback and suggestions for the solution of problems and challenges, revisions and changes based on the lessons learnt under all components of the project during original phase covering 2005-2008 years, in general, issues being the main objective of the retreat were introduced through trainings provided by Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist Sardar Huseynov, Public Relations Specialist Zaur Valiyev, MIS Specialist Amir Abdullayev, Finance Manager Ilgar Isayev and PAT Procurement Officer Ramin Mammadov. Trainings raised great interest and attracted attention of participants, continued and ended interactively through discussions, questions and answers sessions. Staff Retreat was memorized with the section “What do you know about AzRIP?”, entertaining programs presented by PMU Public Relations department and Project Assistance Team, quiz prepared by Nakhchivan ROO and trips to the historical places and sightseeing of neighboring Gakh and Balakan rayons. One more staff retreat organized by Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project was successfully completed and achieved its goal again.

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