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Regional Capacity Building Conferences

4-02-2010, 10:43, Saw: 524

In January and February, Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project (AzRIP) held its Annual Regional Capacity Building Conferences in its North, Northwest and Nakhchivan operating zones. AzRIP is implemented by the State Agency on Agricultural Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Azerbaijan Republic and is funded by the Government of Azerbaijan and the World Bank. These organizations provide AzRIP with the resources needed to support successful community development projects in rural Azerbaijan.

The Regional Capacity Building Conferences targeted members of communities in the zones in which they were held, giving them forums to share their community development and capacity enhancement experiences with attendees from neighboring communities. These conferences took place in energetic atmospheres and were welcome contributions to AzRIP’s highly successful community networking program.

Representatives from many communities that have collaborated with AzRIP gave presentations sharing their experiences, such as the new skills they acquired, the achievements they made and the problems they encountered. They collaborated in group discussion sessions where they offered and acquired detailed information about the many benefits of their community projects and the lessons they learned during technical implementation. These interactive discussions, which focused on their recommendations and their advice, were an integral part of the conference agenda and were conducted with openness and support. One of the most interesting points of each of the conferences was when presentations were made by community leaders from the most successful AzRIP-supported projects.

After the presentations and discussions were complete, awards were presented, conference evaluations were completed and closing statements were made.

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