» IV Inter-zone Cross Visits Session


IV Inter-zone Cross Visits Session

15-06-2010, 10:29, Saw: 475

The Community Networking program sponsored by Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project (AzRIP) is a proven, valuable tool for the development and integration of rural communities. AzRIP uses networking to disseminate project experiences between communities across rural Azerbaijan. This program also allows people from different communities to establish interactive business relations, share mutual project benefits and openly communicate a wide variety of project development and implementation topics.

The IV Inter-zone Cross Visits Session was a community networking event held on June 06-14, 2010, in several rayons of rural Azerbaijan. The session targeted the building and strengthening of communication and relationships between the people of Guba, Ismayilli, Shamakhi, Barda, Goranboy, Goygol, Gadabay, Tovuz, Ganja and Nakhchivan. Healthy dialogues and strong business relationships were established during its meetings and helped to raise the self-reliance and confidence of all participants.

The conference's introductory meeting was held in the Guba rayon. The meetings then continued with community cross-visits, which gave the attendees the opportunity to visit community sites to see the progress made on their AzRIP projects. Session attendees first visited host communities in the North zone, including the Rustov and Hajihuseynli communities of Guba and the Gukhuroba community of Gusar. This allowed visitors to become better acquainted with community projects, share their firsthand experiences and learn from the lessons of their neighbors. Topics discussed during the North zone visits included "Participation in Community Development," "Alternative Choices to Problem Solving" and "Monitoring the Projects during their Implementation and Operation."

Next, visits were made to the Mollaisagly, Ismayillikand and Galajig communities of Ismayilly. There the topics discussed were "The Importance of Social Participation," "Project Sustainability" and "Problems Encountered during Project Implementation and Their Solutions."

Visits were then made to Mollaly and Gazakhlar in Barda and Gurbanzade in Goranboy. The topics covered there were "The Environment," "Gender Participation" and "Community Contribution."

The last set of cross-visits was made to Kiran in the Tovuz rayon, Samanlig in the Gadabay rayon and Shahriyar in Goygol. The topics discussed in this set of visits were "Sustainability of Maintenance Funds," "Issues with Design and Implementation of Technology" and "Economic Analysis of Community Projects." All discussions were followed by question and answer sessions and visits to relevant projects, some projects completed and some currently in process.

During leisure time after each community site visit, participants became tourists of the host regions by visiting local historical sites. As tourists they became more familiar with the history, local traditions and cuisine of each host community and they were warmly welcomed by community representatives. They visited the Genocide Cemetery in Guba, the Imamzade Tomb and Nizami Mausoleum in Ganja, the Nushaba Castle and Earth Castle in Barda, and the Heydar Aliyev Museum and Park and Japanese Garden in Ismayilly.

The networking conference then traveled to the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan. There, participants held interactive discussions on "Strategic Planning," in Jamaldin, Julfa, "Community Training" in Ganza, Ordubad, and "The Role of Youth in Community Projects" in Yukhari Yayji, Sharur. The participants discussed project problems and their experiences with project engineering, contractor selection, project implementation and monitoring and community contribution collection. After their site visits, the attendees visited the Momina Khatun Tomb, the Graveyard of Prophet Nuh, and the sacred "Ashabi-Kahf." Participants also visited the museum of Heydar Aliyev and placed flowers in front of his monument as a tribute to his memory.

The IV Inter -zone Cross Visits Session finished with Final Workshop in Nakhchivan city.

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