» “Sustainability of Community Projects” conference


“Sustainability of Community Projects” conference

16-02-2011, 10:06, Saw: 455

Conference on the "Sustainability of Community Projects" was organized in Balaken town, Northern zone on February 16, 2011 by Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project. The objective of the conference was to discuss sustainability-related issues, present the activities for better maintenance of projects after completion and facilitate inter-community exchange of experiences. Sustainability is the process of maintaining the functionality of a completed community project and it enables a community to effectively benefit from project results.

AzRIP Director Subhan Asgerov, Deputy Director and Community Development/Capacity Enhancement Manager Gulbaniz Ganbarova, Project Assistance Team Leader Kamala Aghayeva and Program Specialist for Northern zone Akif Kerimli made opening speeches at the conference.

Community presentation on "The operation and maintenance of Community Project" was made by Nurane Yekayeva, CPC member of Yeni Sherif community, Balaken rayon. Providing basic information about the history, area and population (3100 people) of Yeni Sherif community N. Yekayeva informed that the village is situated at 18 km distance from rayon centre, possess 450 ha. cultivable land and main occupation is cattle-breeding, crop farming and fishing. The presenter spoke about the successful mobilization and trainings provided by AzRIP and told that community did not have experience in implementing projects with external resources, but had implemented some projects with internal resources including installation of public water taps and repair of electric transformers. N. Yekayeva continued her presentation with Road Rehabilitation project successfully completed within 75 days with AzRIP financial support (including road with 3,5/4,5 m width and 6.75 km length, 3 culverts). The presentation covered broad information about project operation and maintenance, environmental impacts of project during its operation and lessons learnt.

Discussion of presentation was held and followed by the discussion of lessons learnt in plenary. Then, AzRIP PMU Senior Engineer Ilham Manafly made speech on "Improvement of Operations&Maintenance (O&M) Plan and cooperation with Technical Design Company". I. Manafly mentioned that project operation and maintenance is based on the condition of completed community projects in near and far future, thier quality, status of useability, effective use and maximum benefiting from the projects. For this purpose, the functioning committee is responsible for solving all issues related with operations and maintenance, establish linkages with design companies and closely participate in the development of O&M plan, calculation of sustainability fund, fundraising and spending. He spoke about the factors affecting sustainability, as well as positive and negative characteristics of these factors. I. Manafly provided detailed information about the operations and maintenance fund, collection, maintenance and spending of fund, as well as safeguards.

Conference participants epxressed their opinions on the issue during the discussion session. Haji Osmanov (CPC chairman, Meshashambul community, Balaken rayon), Sara Garayeva and Akif Parashov (CPC members, Mahamalar community), Zalkha Khanayeva (CPC member, Yeni Sherif community), Rasul Jumayev (CPC chairman, Gubek community), Zubeyd Zralov (CPC member), Khanlar Babayev (CPC chairman, Kerimli community, Oghuz rayon), Elmdar Maharramov (Municipality Chairman), Gulmaya Mammadova (CPC member) and engineer of Technical Design Company Murad Orujov addressed their questions to I. Manafly. Evaluation session and closing speech of G. Ganbarova closed the conference.

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