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Opening Ceremonies of New Community Projects

8-05-2012, 16:58, Saw: 548

Three opening ceremonies celebrating the completion of community projects (Water System Rehabilitations in Aghamalioglu community of Goranboy rayon and Otuzikilar community of Barda rayon; and Road Rehabilitation in Garadagly community of Barda rayon) supported by Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project (AzRIP) were held on May 07, 2012 in North-west zone. AzRIP is a project implemented by the State Agency on Agricultural Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic, and is funded by both the Government of Azerbaijan and the World Bank.

The first ceremony was conducted in the Aghamalioghlu community of the Goranboy rayon and celebrated the rehabilitation of a water system. This AzRIP funded project was successfully completed in 33 days and 4290 people would benefit from it. The project entailed construction of five km intra-village water pipeline and installation of three water tanks (two in the capacity of 15 tons and one for 20 tons) on the trestles and construction of 15 public taps.

A second ceremony was conducted in the Otuzikilar community of the Barda rayon. Water system rehabilitation was completed in 33 days and will directly benefit 2800 community members. 3400 m water pipeline, a water tank in the capacity of five tons and 10 public taps have been installed within the project.

The opening ceremony of a third community project was conducted in the Garadaghli community of the Barda rayon. This project was also completed in 33 days. This road benefits 2350 people, serves for improved infrastructure and mobility, easy access to market for the sale of crops and comfortable transportation and satisfies the whole community.

The ceremonies were highlighted by speeches from notable guests, including AzRIP’s Director, Subhan Asgarov, AzRIP’s Deputy Director and Community Development/Capacity Enhancement Manager, Gulbaniz Ganbarova, Goranboy rayon’s Deputy Head of the Ex.Com on Agrarian Affairs, Rauf Teyyubov, Barda rayon’s first Deputy Head of Ex.Com, Vahid Garayev, AzRIP’s Northwestern Regional Operations Office Program Specialist, Farida Eminova, North ROO Program Specialist Akif Kerimli and PAT Prime Trainer Tunzale Maarif gizi. All of the speakers emphasized AzRIP’s estimable accomplishments and exceptional status among the many socio-economic development programs under the leadership of Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The speakers congratulated the communities that are benefitting from the completed projects and shared in pride for their collaborative achievements.

Many community leaders also thanked the representatives of AzRIP for their guidance and dedicated support. They included the Community Project Committee (CPC) Chairmen – Kazim Ismayilov (Aghamalioghlu community in the Goranboy rayon), Vilayat Safarov (Garadaghli community in the Barda rayon), Fakhraddin Abdullayev (Otuzikilar community, Barda), elderly community member Nadir Aliyev (Aghamalioghlu community), community members Tahir Shirinov, Yasin Huseynov (Garadaghli community), CPC member Zuleykha Ismayilova, School Director Nizami Isayev, a writer and chairman of SOZ literary union Telman Huseyn, elderly village ashig Bahram rustamov (Otuzikilar community) and others. They all cited AzRIP as a clear example of the government’s attention to community needs and dedication to improving the living standards and infrastructure of communities willing to invest in their own futures. They recognized that AzRIP’s services are important and valuable to the sustainable development of Azerbaijan’s rural areas.

These speeches were followed by traditional ribbon cuttings and visits to the sites of the completed projects. To further express their pride and appreciation, amateur ensembles from the villages presented concert programs for all to enjoy. In all three villages, drawing exhibitions of school children, musicals and role plays were very interesting for all. The ceremonies were also attended by television news representatives, and reports highlighting the ceremonies were telecast the same evening.

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