» Opening Ceremonies of AzRIP funded projects


Opening Ceremonies of AzRIP funded projects

16-05-2012, 16:48, Saw: 510

Opening ceremonies of three more community projects were organized in North zone of Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project on May 15, 2012. These projects were implemented with financial support of Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project in Hamzali (Potable Water Supply), Mikhligovaq and Yemishanli communities (Road Rehabilitations) of Gabala rayon.

Hamzali community is situated 5 km away from Gabala rayon centre where main occupation is farming, crop, fruit and vegetable growing, and cattle breeding. AzRIP funded Potable Water Supply project was successfully completed within 32 days which will benefit 2728 community members. The project consists of installation of 70 m D-250 mm filter, 550 m water pipeline made of D-100 mm metal pipe and construction of one public water tap complex. As a result of the construction of main water supply system, potable water supply has improved, community members are supplied with ecologically pure water along with avoiding extra costs and saving 30% of their family budget. Improved potable water supply in the existing public buildings and other structures including school and clinic created holiday moon in the community.

In Mikhligovag community, 20 km away from the rayon centre, Road Rehabilitation project has been funded by AzRIP. The project was completed within 15 days and included gravelling of 7800 m road, installation of six culverts, replacing six existing culverts with new ones, paving gravel and crushed stone and cleaning roadside ditches. 4840 people will benefit from the project. Consequently, access to main road network was increased; improved condition of road made the use of other infrastructures easy and had positive impact on the mobility and traffic. Successful rehabilitation project had also impact on the transportation of yield and facilitated buyers to come and buy the crops in the village, helped to save time and stability of prices. 30% increase in school enrollment increased the quality of education.

Third opening ceremony was organized in Yemishanli community where the project was Road Rehabilitation. This project was also completed within 15 days and serves for the road infrastructure improvement, mobility of people, access to markets in terms of crops, easy traffic and transfortation. This project will benefit 3900 people. The project consists of gravelling of 8550 m road, installation of four culverts, repair of five existing culverts, paving gravel and crushed stone and cleaning roadside ditches.

The ceremonies were highlighted by speeches from notable guests, including AzRIP Deputy Director and Community Development/Capacity Enhancement Manager, Gulbaniz Ganbarova, AzRIP Environmental Consultant Telman Zeynalov, Gabala rayon’s Deputy Head of the Ex.Com Varis Gasimov, Regional NGOs Resource Training Centre representative, Galib Nabiyev, AzRIP’s North Regional Operations Office Program Specialist, Akif Kerimli and Project Assistance Team Leader Kamala Aghayeva. All of the speakers congratulated the beneficiary communities and wished them success, sustainable and long lasting projects.

Many community leaders also thanked the representatives of AzRIP for their guidance and dedicated support and expressed their satisfaction. They included the Community Project Committee (CPC) Chairman Amir Jafarov, Municipal Chairman Gunduz Shirinov, teacher Guleyfa Aliyeva (Hamzali community), CPC chairman Mammad Gasimov, local Ex.Com representative Huseyn Eyvazov (Yemishanli community), CPC chairman Islam Abdurrahmanzada, Municipal Chairman Veliagha Habibov, local Ex.Com. representative Sabuhi Nabiyev, school director Maarif Ismayilov (Mikhligovag community) and others. They all cited AzRIP as a clear example of the government’s attention to community needs and dedication to improving the living standards and infrastructure of communities willing to invest in their own futures. They recognized that AzRIP’s services are important and valuable to the sustainable development of Azerbaijan’s rural areas.

These speeches were followed by traditional ribbon cuttings and visits to the sites of the completed projects. To further express their pride and appreciation, amateur ensembles from the villages presented concert programs for all to enjoy. The ceremonies were also attended by television news representatives, and reports highlighting the ceremonies were telecast the same evening.

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