» "Community Projects’ Sustainability" workshop (North-West zone)


"Community Projects’ Sustainability" workshop (North-West zone)

11-01-2013, 16:29, Saw: 557

Second Rural Investment Project organized “Community Projects’ Sustainability” workshop in Barda town (North-west zone) on January 10, 2013. The workshop brought together over 70 representatives of about 50 communities of Goranboy, Tar-tar, Barda, Goygol, Tovuz and Gazakh rayons.

The objective of the conference was to discuss sustainability-related issues, present the activities for better maintenance of projects after completion and facilitate inter-community exchange of experiences. Sustainability is the process of maintaining the functionality of a completed community project and it enables a community to effectively benefit from project results. AzRIP-2 Deputy Director and Community Development/Capacity Enhancement Manager Gulbaniz Ganbarova and Program Specialist for North-west zone Khudayar Gulmaliyev made opening speeches at the workshop.

Project Assistance Team Leader Kamala Aghayeva made presentation on “The overview of institutional sustainability in the communities collaborating with AzRIP-2”. Providing information about the sustainability concept and its importance, K. Aghayeva spoke about the collaborations built with 112 communities of 8 rayons in North-west zone during 2009-2012. Talking about the successful projects in the communities, the presenter provided detailed information about the sustainability of “Road Rehabilitation” projects in Mollajalilli, Topalhasanli, Shahriyar (Goygol rayon), Orta Salahli, Gazakhbayli (Gazakh rayon), Alachadirli, Aliyanli, Soghanverdilar, Piyadalar, Mirzajafarli (Barda rayon), Gurbanzade, Bagchakurd (Goranboy rayon), Askipara (Tar-tar rayon), “Potable Water Supply” project in Shahriyar (Goygol rayon), Orta Salahli (Gazakh rayon) and “School construction” in Otuzikilar community (Barda rayon).

Kazim Ismayilov, Community Group Leader of Aghamalioglu community, Goranboy rayon made presentation on “AzRIP and sustainability in community projects”. The presenter provided information about the history, area and population of Aghamalioghlu community which is comprised of 3110 people and noted that main occupation is cattle-breeding and cropping in the village. Talking about the successful mobilization and trainings under the collaboration with Second Rural Investment Project, K. Ismayilov emphasized that access to external resources was started with the implementation of “School roof repair” project (funded by CHF International), “Hospital repair” (funded by IRC) and “Provision of spare parts for machinery” (funded by ADRA) during 2002-2003. The community leader continued his presentation by providing detailed information about the Road Rehabilitation project (8 km road) that was successfully completed in one month with financial support of AzRIP-2, operation and maintenance of the road, environmental impact and lessons learnt during its operation. The presenter analyzed project successes and considered right selection of CG members, successful collaboration with different social groups including elderly wise and influential community leaders (aksakals), intellectuals, women and youth and new projects won by the community as the achievements of implemented project.

K. Ismayilov provided detailed information about Water System Rehabilitation project that was a second project funded by AzRIP and said that three water tanks in the capacity of 15 tons have been installed and 14 public water points and 4800 m plastic pipeline has been constructed within two months. CG leader also spoke about the project operation and maintenance, work of community O&M Committee.

The Senior Engineer of AzRIP-2 made presentation on “Operation and Maintenance in the Second Rural Investment Project”. He mentioned that operation and maintenance is based on the condition of completed community projects in near and far future, on their quality, status of usability, effective use and maximum benefiting from the projects. For this purpose, the functioning committee is responsible for solving all issues related with operations and maintenance, closely participate in the development of O&M plan, calculation of sustainability fund, fundraising and spending. He spoke about the factors affecting sustainability, as well as positive and negative characteristics of these factors. M. Verdiyev provided detailed information about the operations and maintenance plan, sustainability fund that targets socio-economic development, fund raising, management and spending, as well as safeguards which was very interesting for the participants.

Plenary discussions followed the presentation. Conference participants Fakhraddin Abdullayev, CG Leader of Otuzikilar community, Barda rayon, Hagigat Babayeva, CG Leader of Soghanverdilar community, Barda rayon, Tarana Mammadova, CG leader of Mammadli community, Telman Ibishov, CG Lleader of Aliyani community, Knyaz Mammadov, Municipal Chairman of Alachadirli community, Mubariz Mehraliyev, Community Leader of Alpli community, Tovuz rayon, Almaz Bayramova, CG Leader of Gurbanzade community, Goranboy rayon, Adil Garayev, Municipal Chairman of Khagani Municipality, Goygol rayon, Iftikhar Huseynov, Municipal Chairman of Shahriyar community gave their opinions and comments and addressed their questions to the presenters.

The workshop evaluation by participants after questions and answer session and closing speech of Gulbaniz Ganbarova closed the workshop.

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