» III Inter-zone Cross Visits Session


III Inter-zone Cross Visits Session

6-05-2008, 10:43, Saw: 553

Community networking within “Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project” implemented by the State Agency on Agricultural Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture builds up its work and activities on main elements as capacity enhancement of the communities, knowledge adoption and share, mutual experience exchange, integration and mutual relationships. Targeting the expansion of the community networking by reaching the objectives III Inter-zone Cross Visits Session successfully carried out its activities on April 29 – May 03, 2008 in Imishli – Goychay (Baku) – Nakhchivan. Mutual dialogs and efficient relationships are strong incentive and stimulate strong self-reliance and self-trust which brings successful implementation of community projects.

Introductory workshop was held in Imishli city. Mr. Sefa Aghayev, 1st deputy of Imishli rayon Executive Power welcomed the participants; gave brief information about construction and rehabilitation works in Imishli as well as the completed (32) and ongoing community projects; stressed the irreplaceable role and services of AzRIP and wished success to the participants.

Welcoming the participants Ms. Gulbaniz Ganbarova, AzRIP Deputy Director and Community Development Manager emphasized peculiar essence of Rural Investment Project amongst other state projects and programs aiming regional development; increase of the living conditions as well as the improvement of access to and usage of infrastructure; including successful activities within community networking.

AzRIP Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist Mr. Sardar Huseynov gave detailed and rich content information about all community projects implemented in entire project zones noting that 230 community projects have been completed so far. Ms. Farida Eminova, Program specialist (Mughan-Salyan ROO); Mr. Akif Karimli, Community Development / Monitoring officer (Lower Shirvan ROO); Mr. Abulfat Ahmedov, Program specialist (Nakhchivan ROO) and Mr. Fuad Salmanov, Head of PAT made speeches about community projects implemented in all AzRIP zones and mobilization processes in the communities.

Then, summary of presentations “Successful community projects” and “Social Participation in Community projects” hold in two parallel groups were listened.

Participants visited Khubyarly, Aranly and Garadonlu community projects in Mughan Salyan; Tofigi, Lekchiplag and Melikkend community projects in Lower Shirvan; got introduced with community projects and works on spot practically. They also had opinion exchange on existing problems and constraints with active and directly involved community members as well as found answers for their questions on issues like engineering, selection of contractors, monitoring of the project implementation, community fundraising and etc.

Then, the session continued in Nakhchivan. Participants of the Cross Visits Session got acquainted with Milakh community (Julfa), Zeyneddin community (Babek), Charchiboghan community (Sharur); visited Momine Khatun tomb, Sacred Place “ASHABI-KAHF” as well as the Museum of Former President National Leader Haydar Aliyev.

In the final workshop of the Cross Visits Session, Mr. Khalil Aliyev, Director of the “Nakhchivan Agribusiness” LLC greeted the participants; emphasized the essence and role of close collaboration of communities with self-governance structures and municipalities as the basis of gained success; gave brief information on 91 community projects to be completed. Then, Ms. Gulbaniz Ganbarova, AzRIP Deputy Director and Community Development Manager; Mr. Ilyas Gasimov, Head of Human Resources and Farm Sector of the State Agency on Agricultural Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture and Mr. Abulfat Ahmedov, Program Specialist (Nakhchivan ROO) made valuable speeches.

Program Specialists Mr. Akif Karimli (Lower Shirvan), Ms. Aida Babayeva (Mughan Salyan) and Ms. Yementaj Emirova (Nakhchivan) presented summary of the cross visits sessions. Afterwards, group work and presentation on “What we did, what we learned, what we recommended” was carried out. After the summary of the workshop, III Inter-zone Cross Visits Session was finalized and closed up.

III Inter-zone Cross Visits Session successfully achieved its objectives such as to be helpful to communities by lessons learned, mutual experience and opinion exchange, warm relationships and etc.

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