» "Sustainability of Community Projects" workshop (North zone)


"Sustainability of Community Projects" workshop (North zone)

19-01-2013, 16:25, Saw: 424

Another workshop from the series of “Sustainability of Community Projects” workshops under Second Rural Investment Project was held in Ismayilli rayon, North zone on January 18, 2013. The main objective of the workshop which brought together over 70 representatives of about 20 communities of Goychay, Agsu, Gabala and Ismayilli rayons was to ensure the sustainability of community groups and implemented projects, exchange experience on how to develop effective Operations and Maintenance Plan, eliminate existing gaps and identify future perspectives.

Gulbaniz Ganbarova, AzRIP-2 Deputy Director and Community Development/Capacity Enhancement Manager made an opening speech after a minute of silence in tribute to the memory of 20th January martyrs. AzRIP-2 operations focusing institutional development of communities were underlined and it was emphasized that AzRIP-2 is providing funds and technical assistance to those communities that develop and implement infrastructure projects in the regions, are ready to contribute their time, labor and funding to improve their own social situation. Rovshan Aghayev, Deputy Head of Ismayilli rayon Executive Committee spoke about the current construction works in the zone, improved welfare of people and collaboration built with AzRIP-2 that plays unexampled role in socio-economic development of regions. AzRIP-2 Information and Communication Specialist Farman Hasanov informed that all information received from communities is approached attentively and sensitively.

Akif Kerimli, Program Specialist for North zone made presentation on “The overview of institutional sustainability in the communities collaborating with AzRIP-2”. Providing information about the sustainability concept and its importance, A. Kerimli spoke about the collaborations built with the communities of 16 rayons (13 in North zone and three in Lower Shirvan zone), implemented projects and their sustainability issues during 2009-2012. Yengiyan, Goyam (Zagatala rayon), Aragit, Topchu, Istisu (Ismayilli rayon), Padar (Agsu rayon), Hanifa (Balaken rayon) were presented as exemplary communities in the presentation that visually displayed the comparison of existing situation in the communities, implemented projects, community groups and current condition of Community Group’s Room. The presentation emphasized the importance of unity between the Community Group and project sustainability and it was mentioned that this balance is not observed in some partner communities while in others Community Room or information board does not meet rules and requirements. Example was given from Garakhidir community where Community Room and particularly Information Board was found in very poor condition during monitoring and evaluation held in the community and defects were immediately fixed as soon as Community Group Leader and Municipal Chairman were notified about this. (The responsiveness of Garakhidir CG was highly appreciated by workshop participants). Operations of Hajihetemli (Ismayilli rayon) and Almali (Gakh rayon) communities including some deficiencies and measures to overcome them were also presented and the presentation was closed with this statement "Give people chance and they will make miracles”.

Gullu Guliyeva, Community Group member of Padar community, Agsu rayon made presentation on “Operations and maintenance of community projects implemented in Padar”. Talking about the history, area and population of Padar community (population - 1780 people), G. Guliyeva mentioned that main occupation is cattle-breeding and cropping in the village. She informed about successful mobilization and trainings provided by AzRIP, also about the implementation of various project implemented with internal resources including routine repair of intra-community roads, purchase of equipment for clinic, planting greenery in the clinic yard, rehabilitation of irrigation ditches, routine repair of school and repair of transformers. The presenter provided detailed information about the AzRIP-2 funded “Road Rehabilitation” (4700 m road, 2 culverts) and “Clinic Construction” projects, their operation and maintenance, environmental impact and lessons learned during operation. The presenter analyzed project successes and considered right selection of CG members, ensuring high level participation of women and also ensuring reliability and accountability as the achievements of implemented project.

Presentation was followed by plenary discussions which were highly interactive. Workshop participants Ogtay Khalilov, CG member and Municipal Chairman of Incha community, Goychay rayon, Gurban Ibrahimov, CG member and Municipal Chairman of Garakhidir community, Goychay rayon, Aziza Aghayeva, CG Leader of Hajihetemli community, Ismayilli rayon, Azer Aliyev, CG Leader of Padar community, Agsu rayon, Vagif Hasratov, CG member and local Ex.Com. representative of Tofigi community, Aghdash rayon and Ibrahim Zeynalov, CG Leader of Khirkhatala community, Gabala rayon were very active in the discussions and provided their suggestions and feedback, also addressed their questions to the presenters.

At the end, the workshop was evaluated by the participants and G. Ganbarova made closing speech.

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