» Environmental workshop (Mughan-Salyan zone)


Environmental workshop (Mughan-Salyan zone)

14-02-2013, 16:23, Saw: 493

AzRIP-2 Environmental Workshop was organized in Sabirabad town of Mughan-Salyan zone on February 12, 2013. The workshop was attended by over 70 representatives of about 23 partner communities (II Shahsevan, Ashigli-1, Araz, Galabadin, Giyamaddinli, Varkhankand, Giragli, Nasimikand, Kovlar, Gizilkand, Aranli, Mammadli etc.) and officials of local Ex.Com and Municipalities. Opening speeches of Deputy Director and Community Development/Capacity Enhancement Manager Gulbaniz Ganbarova and Program Specialist for Mughan-Salyan zone Farida Eminova highlighted the issues of protecting natural systems and maintaining the environment in adequate quality during the implementation of community projects and emphasized the importance of being responsible for healthy environment in the communities.

Telman Zeynalov, Environmental Consultant of Second Rural Investment Project and Head of National Centre for Environmental Forecasting made an interesting presentation on “Global Climate Change Adaptation Measures”. T. Zeynalov provided information about the natural disasters happened in the world over the last 50 years, their statistics and subsequent economic crisis, after-effect and danger and global environmental problems (climate changes, biodiversity reduction, desertification, ozone layer depletion, land degradation). The ecologist mentioned that world economy suffered USD 160 billion losses due to the happened natural disasters in 2012, that number of natural disasters increased in Azerbaijan last year compared to previous years and government allocated AZN 690 million to overcome the subsequences of these disasters. Then he introduced the participants with the state order on the “Approval of State Program on the use of alternative and renewable energy sources in Azerbaijan Republic” signed by the President of Azerbaijan Republic, Mr. Ilham Aliyev on October 22, 2004 in order to ensure formation of new energy powers based on existing alternative and renewable energy resources in the country, as well as benefit from the world experience.

“Global climate changes” film was followed by discussion of community level environmental issues and questions & answers session.

Discussions around the presentation concluded that ensuring environmental protection and human health primarily depends on the solution of environmental problems and it is important to pay attention to the protection of ecological balance in the community projects. If even the smallest environmental impact is not prevented or mitigation measure is not taken in time, it will definitely result in global problems for the environment and most importantly for the health of future generations.

Community members including Afgan Huseynov (Community Group leader, Araz community, Beylagan rayon), Alizamin Abdullayev (CG leader, Agjabedi rayon, Galabadin community), Konul Huseynova (CG member, Garavalli community), Jeyran Ibrahimova (CG leader, Yeni Novruzlu communit, Saatli rayon), Kazim Kazimov (CG member, Giragli community), Rovshan Aliyev (CG member, Mammadli community, Imishli rayon) expressed their opinions on this important issue. T. Zeynalov answered the questions of participants and encouraged everyone to be careful in this issue.

Booklets and brochures developed by T. Zeynalov from the series of “Dissemination under Environmental Policy of Second Rural Investment Project” was distributed to the participants which included "Natural disasters happened in the world and their reasons", "Recommendations for communities and individual entrepreneurs in the national level during the adaptation of agriculture to global climate changes", "Types and classification of wastes", "What is solid waste? (From waste to return)". Workshop evaluation and closing speech of G. Ganbarova closed the workshop.

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