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Pirguluoba community of Khachmaz rayon

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  • Date: 18-04-2016, 14:50
  • The Pirguluoba community is located at 25 kms distance from Khachmaz rayon center. Ethnic composition of the community includes Azerbaijanis, as well as national minorities like lezgins, and akhiska turks. First settlement of inhabitants in Pirguluoba community dates back to XVIII Century. A man named Pirgulu came with his family from Gyryz village and got settled in this plain area. So the name of the village is also connected with the name of this man. There are two sanctuaries in the territory of this village, which are known as “Arzu piri” and “Khydyrzynda piri”.

    Pirguluoba community of Khachmaz rayon

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