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AzRIP 2 – KARABAKH Zone, Cross Visit Session

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  • Date: 20-08-2015, 12:05
  • On August 13, 2015, staff of the Karabakh Regional Operations Office organized the Cross Visit Session in the Yukhary Aran community of Beylagan rayon. Mr.Nihat Farhadov, the Community Group member and the Chief of Municipality of the Yukhary Aran community expressed his satisfaction for holding the meeting in their community and his readiness to all type of work. Indeed, we often come across with warm welcoming by the communities. This gives us a reason to think that people are in need of sharing their successes and difficulties through communicating with other people. So he Cross Visit Sessions have become a very popular tool to meet this type of communication needs.

    AzRIP 2 – KARABAKH Zone, Cross Visit Session

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