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A Smooth Road is not a Dream Any More

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:20
  • The existence of roads is as important as life. The habit of a human being to stare at the road and to be lost in thoughts evidences the significance of them for life harmony. Being “visit card” of the place they belong, roads are a seeing eye, speaking tongue and reflecting mirror of that piece of land. Our targets of interest are not the very first ever built roads in the world, but the reconstruction and establishment of the roads projects making up a remarkable percentage in the project portfolio of AzRİP. One of those projects was realized in Garakhidir community of Goychay rayon.

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    Mission of the World Bank Vice-President

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:09
  • Ms.Laura Tuck, World Bank Vice President for Europe and Central Asia region recently completed a three-day business visit to Azerbaijan. The aim of her visit was to familiarize herself with recent economic and social developments in Azerbaijan and to discuss with the country's leadership, senior government officials, development partners, business community, and civil society the possible ways in which the World Bank can support sustainable economic growth and diversification, and human capital development in the country

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    World Bank approved additional financing for AzRIP-2

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:07
  • AzRIP project that is implemented through the State Agency on Agricultural Credits under the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic, has achieved many successes during the last 10 years. In concrete, AzRIP successfully completed its action plan targeting to improve access to infrastructure services by investing local infrastructures, reduce poverty and build capacity of communities through mobilization and trainings in order to make them capable to identify their problems using own resources, select priorities and implement projects

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:07
  • "Incubator Workshop" project, the first community-driven income-generation Pilot Project supported by AzRIP in Gaysa community of Balakan rayon has just started.

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