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Step by Step to Success

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:35
  • Step by Step to Success

    As in all regions of Azerbaijan, a new phase of development has been undertaken in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project is admired by the people of Nakhchivan owing to the contributions they made to the Khanliglar community of its Sherur rayon in 2009.

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    The Smooth Road to Development

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:34
  • The Smooth Road to Development

    The goals and achievements of the AzRİP are shown by the growth of the communities it collaborates with. If a community's buds of development are blooming after its collaboration with AzRIP2, it means that not only has the community has reached its goal, but AzRIP2 has reached its goal, too. AzRIP2, a dependable source of hope for communities that face multiple infrastructure problems, had again shown itself as a valuable resource for the growth of community development. An example of an AzRIP2's value was in the implementation of a challenging road project in Gadabay rayon's Ruzigar community. This was in the earliest stage of the community's development, and was one of AzRIP's riskiest projects to date.

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    Success is Gaining What You Need Happiness is Protecting What You Gain

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:33
  • Success is Gaining What You Need Happiness is Protecting What You Gain

    Bananiyar is a village located 30 km from Julfa rayon of Nakhchivan. It is distinguished by its natural beauty, being set in the shadow of picturesque Hacha Mountain. It is a community of approximately 4000 residents who are dedicated to successful community development and are committed to protecting all that they gain from their efforts. During Bananiyar's community assessment, it was found to have an infrastructure that did not meet the needs of the people, and was decided to be a village in need of mobilization. Bananiyar was mobilized in 2006, and its development collaboration with AzRIP began. This was the village's first project with AzRIP, and turned out to be one of the most valuable AzRIP had ever supported.Before mobilization, the only healthcare facility the people of Bananiyar had was a small wooden house beside a narrow road. That building was readily determined to be nfit for medical use, and although it was a challenging project, AzRIP worked with the community to help train them to construct a new facility. Once they were ready, the community members came together to plan the project objectives. After detailed planning and skilled construction, the Bananiyar Health Clinic was built. The village residents were overjoyed to have access to such a modern, well-constructed and well-equipped clinic so near.

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    Water: The Source of Life

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:32
  • Water: The Source of Life

    Water is so vital to the lives of every living being, it is impossible to exist or even imagine a life without it. Because it is so critical, during community assessments the restoration of water services is found to be the highest priority project in many villages across Azerbaijan. During its 2009 assessment, the AshagiDasharkh community of Sherur rayon was found to have one of the neediest infrastructures of the region. And because water is so essential to all development, during their three-day mobilization workshop with AzRIP their people selected a Potable Water Supply Project above all others.This water supply project required strength and dedication from its onset. With a population of only 800, all community members, including its elderly and young, as well as all of its men and women, actively participated in the mobilization workshop. Sitting in a crowded room during hot summer days showed their devotion and forecasted that their community Potable Water Supply project would be a huge success.

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    Our Merchant of Hope

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:31
  • Our Merchant of Hope

    The history of ancient Azerbaijan is rich with national heroes who demonstrated strength, bravery and leadership. They were dedicated to serving the lands and lives of their people. Our most valuable wealth as a nation owes to the undeniable effort of such heroic individuals who guarded our land for centuries, striving and succeeding to lead the nation to independence and progression. The people of Azerbaijan have always valued those who endeavored for the nation, and have honored their successes by choosing them as their leaders, instilling confidence across the land.

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    A Community Supported by an İncubator

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:30
  • A Community Supported by an İncubator

    In recent years our country has taken significant measures to develop the internal production of poultry products to meet the demands of the people. Chicken meat production is free of many taxes and the import of poultry facilities is free of both custom duty and value added tax, so it is a desired area for development. Also, new technologies have been applied to poultry production, accelerating its development and implementation. It is considered one of the most important livelihood projects, and AzRIP began to implement it in communities in 2013.

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    AzRIPs First Pilot Livelihood Project

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:29
  • AzRIPs First Pilot Livelihood Project

    We would not be mistaken to say that AzRIP’s cooperation with communities has entered to a new and entirely different phase. Implementing the livelihood projects in of the incomes towards the social welfare of communities is becoming a reality. So, those communities successfully partnering with AzRIP besides applying for second and third infrastructure-type projects, they also got the chance apply to get funding from AZRIP for implementing community-based livelihood projects.This is the long-term strategy that stands in front of AzRIP and remote Gaysa community that is located 25km from Balakan rayon center made the first successful step on that path

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    The Steps to Success for Sharafa

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:28
  • The Steps to Success for Sharafa

    Sharafa is one of the most active communities AzRIP collaborates with in the Masalli rayon. Looking back at the history of the community, its first families came from the village of Sharafabad in southern Azerbaijan. In their travels to their current homeland, they carried the Gizilbash traditions and philosophies with them, which are historically related to Sefevis

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    They Were Given Back Twice What They Gave

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:27
  • They Were Given Back Twice What They Gave

    The YukhariAghali community of Bilasuvar rayon has arable land plots supplied with irrigation water moderately well. All community members have their own property, including a land plot, large and small cattle and other means of production. The crops and animals that community members maintain first meet their internal needs, and the remaining portions are sold in bazaar for cash.

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    A Place Where Hopes Come True: Lekit Community of Gakh

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:21
  • A Place Where Hopes Come True: Lekit Community of Gakh

    In Gakh rayon there is a quaint mountain community named Lekit that attra cts tourists regularly. It is in a picturesque location surrounded by Caucasus Mountains, and is home to a complex of grand temples built in the fifth through seventh centuries. Today the people of Lekit are joyful after years of distress

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