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Flourishing Orangala Community

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:54
  • Flourishing Orangala Community

    Aorenqala community placed in 20 km of Beylaqan district centre were subject to no concern and nurture over years. Altough the main busyness of the population was agriculture, plant-raising, vegetable-raising, and stock-raising, the number of problems the village face were no less but growing more each passing day. The municipality chair, ChingizNagiyev was displeased with the situation. In monthly meeting of municipals the news from other municipals fascinated him. He gathered elderly people of the village, shared that joyous information and noted that he already found a way to end the problems; that way was AzKIL2. ChingizNagiyev and the village elderly visited the AzKIL2 office with regard to the problems of the Orenqala village in 2013.

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    Water Symbolizes Life, Road the Culture

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:53
  • Water Symbolizes Life, Road the Culture

    Alongside with its dedication and care to the communities and appreciation to the communities lenient to development while operating in various regions of Azerbaijan, AzKIL2 family did not forget about the leaders.

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    Yegana of AshaghyYayji Community

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:53
  • Yegana of AshaghyYayji Community

    When we talk about the woman leaders of the Nakhchivan who have made efforts in community development, YeganaMammadova’s name naturally comes to mind first. Her efforts as a leader were significant during the formation of AshagiYayji as a community. It is an exemplary community model that is becoming an example of a village that will meet its own needs once it reaches a suitable level of development.

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    Sabirkend: a Community that Achieves On Its Own

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:52
  • Sabirkend: a Community that Achieves On Its Own

    Ordubad, referred to as "the pearl of Azerbaijan”, is praised for its natural charms. Its diversity of flora and fauna can be found in Zangezur National Park and all across the rayon. It also has remnants of ancient dwellings, settlements and monuments that attract historical interest and display the spiritual heritage of Ordubad. Certain habits and traditions, mysterious cuisine and the uncommon hospitality of Ordubad villages show that the cultural heritage of these villages is also very ancient. One of Ordubad's most determined villages is Sabirkand. According to tradition in their village, the opinion of their elders, known as aksakkals, is the opinion of the entire community. So the conversation of the first aksakkal that we met in the village is the theme of this story. His name is Abbas Mehdiyev. He told us, "Eighty-two years of my life have passed in this village, and I have witnessed all of the changes in governments and structures. I have also witnessed the troubles of interminable war. Thanks to God, we have reached these days safe and sound.

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    The JamaldinCommunity: Their Dreams Came True with Water

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:51
  • The JamaldinCommunity: Their Dreams Came True with Water

    Jamaldin is situated in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, and is a community with a captivating ancient history. It is an active community that includes women showing leadership potential. Effective solutions for many of their problems have been found. Thanks to the initiative of their people and the leadership of active Community Group members, Jamaldin has succeeded in solving large and small village problems and proved that it is an experienced and capable community.

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    The Baharabad Community: Unity as Tight as a Fist

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:51
  • The Baharabad Community: Unity as Tight as a Fist

    The Baharabad community of Beylagan Rayon flourishes and becomes more beautiful every day. The area has a fascinating ancient history; however, wars caused the destruction of dwellings throughout the villages and most of the lands remained neglected for years.

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    Gelebedin Community: Making Great Strides in Development

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:50
  • Gelebedin Community: Making Great Strides in Development

    TheGalabadin community of Agjabedi Rayon is situated 17 km from the rayon center. It was formed in the first half of the nineteenth century and named by the first residents of the village. They named it Galabadin, which means "castle plain", even though there are no castles in the area. According to history provided by village ak-sakkals (wise elders), it was given its name because the areas are favorable for crop growing and cattle breeding. Therefore, a saying created by the first residents of the village is, "Come and buy dam (live) here, this favorable, good place". In time, this saying evolved to become the village name.

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    Confidence and Unity Lead to Success!

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:50
  • Confidence and Unity Lead to Success!

    TheTheKhinali community is situated 42 km from the Goranboy Rayon border. It has about 1,012 residents who became tired of the poor condition of their roads and the many other problems that concerned them for years. They lost all hope that their troubles would ever end, so when they came upon information about AzRIP, they realized they had found a resource that could help them improve their infrastructure and living conditions. Despite the prevailing lack of confidence in the community, when they found that Goranboy was included in AzRIP's coverage area, Khinali community members decided to appoint several elders and the municipality chairman to apply.Finally the day came. An AzRIP team went to the community and found several people gathered in front of the village school in deep discussion. When the team joined them and entered into active discussion with them, the community members' lack of faith was obvious. The expression on their faces appeared as though they were all thinking “We know you'll make promises and leave, just like all the rest”.

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    Diligence of Padar Community

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:49
  • Diligence of Padar Community

    The ultimate goals of all communities of Azerbaijan are to reach the highest levels of social and economic development. The women of Azerbaijan show exemplary leadership as they guide their communities toward those development goals. They are trusted and respected by their people and their work is valued and appreciated by all.

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    A Communty Sustained by Comradeship

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 14:36
  • A Communty Sustained by Comradeship

    A picturesque village at the foot of lofty mountains covered with greenery and sur-rounded by forests has a magnificent view not afforded its neighboring villages. It is Moloja village, situated 20 km northwest of the border of Lenkaran rayon.

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