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The Role of Youth in Community Development

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:08
  • The Role of Youth in Community Development

    The Gerekly community of Balakan region is 4 km away from the centre and 550 m altitude of sea-level. Gerekli community is situated on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains in the place with fascinating nature. Hinbul River runs through Gerekly village, the people of which are as stiff as a mountain and unite as a fist. Most population of the villagers is outlanders from Dagistan settled here in XVI century. Name of the community, Gerekly named after a Dagistanian Gere Hejiyov. Plant and stock-raising are leading businesses of locals. Major benefit is generated out of corn crop, which makes up 40 % of all the income in the village. The “SheykhYusif” pilgrimage and a historical monument called “Peri” tower is situated in the village.

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    A Bright Example of Public Unity in Gadabay

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:07
  • A Bright Example of Public Unity in Gadabay

    Every corner of my dear Azerbaijan is beautiful and each piece of its land is priceless. Gadabay is one of its most beautiful regions. To be honest, I have traveled through all regions of Azerbaijan and I do claim that none of those regions are as rich in natural resources as Gadabay. The cool and mineral wells of the region, scenic green meadow, flamboyant hillsides, thick forests, richness of natural medical herbs and etc. are much richer than in any other region.

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    A New Way of Approach in Alpoud Community

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:07
  • A New Way of Approach in Alpoud Community

    Alongside with other communities Alpoud Community Group started up livelihood pilot projects in cooperation with AzRİP. We held discussions over natural and human resources of our community, plant-raising and cattle products possible to offer for market and imported products. Through some surveys it was clear that, the imported products were mainly chopped/crushed fodder and fodder products, as most of the community members run the business of fleshing oxen/cattle in byre. Fattening the animals in closed byre condition requires high quality fodder products

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    Ahmedli Community Steps Towards the New Visions

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:06
  • Ahmedli Community Steps Towards the New Visions

    Ahmedly community, located at 20 km from Beylagan rayon centre, is famous for Khaladj healing waters. They have started to cooperate with international organizations since 2005. The IMC humanitarian organization built a medical center in Khaladj community. Since then people tried to find solutions to existing problems and improve their social and economic state. The community members summoned a meeting immediately after they had heard about AzRİP realizing projects in neighboring communities.

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    Glory of the Samanlyg Community

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:05
  • Glory of the Samanlyg Community

    The Most villages of the Gadabay region, known as a paradise, struggled with social and economic problems and try to get rid of poor life conditions for many years. The situation was similar for Samanlig community, as well. AzRİP associates sensed the need for hard work and strong efforts to instill self-confidence, unity, positive atmosphere and to mobilize the villagers, after coming across hopelessness and helplessness on their first arrival at the community. One of the villagers, during the consulting with focus groups, approached our staff and gave the following promise: “I promise to help you gather even more people than required to voluntarily come together”.

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    A Smooth Road is not a Dream Any More

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:05
  • A Smooth Road is not a Dream Any More

    The existence of roads is as important as life. The habit of a human being to stare at the road and to be lost in thoughts evidences the significance of them for life harmony. Being “visit card” of the place they belong, roads are a seeing eye, speaking tongue and reflecting mirror of that piece of land.
    Our targets of interest are not the very first ever built roads in the world, but the reconstruction and establishment of the roads projects making up a remarkable percentage in the project portfolio of AzRİP. One of those projects was realized in Garakhidircommunity of Goychayrayon.

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    Enthusiasm and High Motivation Led to Further Accomplishments

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:04
  • Enthusiasm and High Motivation Led to Further Accomplishments

    Kiren is the village in the arms of outstanding and marvelous nature, on the hillside of brumous mountain in Tovuz region. The residents of that scenic place were tired of the unrepaired road problem alongside with all the problems they face daily in the village. The poor conditions, low standards of life made the villagers to lose patience and faith in the settlement of them for good. Kiren residents decided to apply for AzRİP, the project also including Tovuz region to their list of concerning regions and trying to build up better infrastructure services and to increase the life standards of villagers, as soon as they were informed about it.

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    Sociological Map of the Imamgulubeyli Communty

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:04
  • Sociological Map of the Imamgulubeyli Communty

    I was in the Imamgulubeily village, Barda. The meeting was in the room of the municipality chief. That room was also considered to be the room of community, as the mobilization tools and training materials were neatly hung on the wall.

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    Problem Existing for Decades Settled Just for Two Months

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:03
  • Problem Existing for Decades Settled Just for Two Months

    The Alyanly community of Barda region realized “Well-organization of Communiity” project in cooperation with Azerbaijan Village Investment Project. That was the second project implemented with AzRİP. The project was finished and all the community members held an assembly in this regard. I also participated in that assembly. The Community Group chair talked about the successful implementation of the project and expressed gratitude to AzRİP staff. Every member taking floor emphasized the benefits of the project and noted that the cemetery of the village, the last destination of any human being, was fenced within the “Well-organization of Community” project. Cattle and other animals cannot harm it anymore and the attic built over it is a crucial facility to protect people from sunburn and rain.

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    Water is life, light and vividness

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  • Date: 22-12-2014, 15:02
  • Water is life, light and vividness

    Balchily village of Yevlakh applied for AzRİP in “North-Western” Regional Operational Office to realize the second project in the community. The application was taken into consideration and necessary measures were taken. The subsequent problem of the village to be settled was drinking water problem. The process of implementation started after the approval of project procedure and the drinking water line was built successfully.

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