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Cross Visits

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Cross Visits

Cross Visits

Community networking implemented within the framework of Azerbaijan Rural Investment Project focuses its activities on disseminating advanced practices and lessons learnt in community development, integration, establishment of business relations, mutual benefit, etc. This network is created at the initiative of AzRIP Management Unit and managed through meetings attended by community groups, municipalities and district ExCom representatives. AzRIP community network started its activities in July 2005 and is planned to continue through the project completion in December 2011. This networking includes the following activities:

Cross Visits within the Zone
Inter-zone Cross Visits
Regional Capacity Building Conference
National Community Investment Conference
National Community Festival
Cross Visits within the Zone are carried our in any project area and are attended by Community Project Committee of 3 or more communities, as well as local municipalities and ExCom representatives. This is considered to the initial step of networking relations. Such meetings may be focused on any type of project or community development concerns that need to be discussed. It is the cross meetings attended by communities experiencing different level of development that are regarded as particularly useful, since the well-developed communities have rich experience, while weak communities have lessons learnt.
Cross Visits within the Zone consist of 2 parts: In the 1st part participants discuss two or three topics related to community projects and in the second part they visit the communities that implementing community project.
Nearly 150 Cross Visitis within the Zone have been conducted during 2005 - 2010 involving more than 2000 participants representing 456 communities. Community members held discussions on the topics such as "Collection of community contribution", "The role of the monitoring group", "Sustainability and maintenance of community project", "Organization of environmental related activities", etc. and shared excperiences
Inter-zone Cross Visits. The level of such meetings to be attended by AzRIP communities located in Mughan-Salyan, Lower Shirvan, North, North - West and Nakhchivan regions differ in terms of the geographic scope covered, number of participants and representation. AzRIP Regional Operations Office staff and Service Provider staff, community members, local government and municipality representatives take part in these meetings organized in the session format. The session starts its activities by Introductory Workshop. Field experience meetings are carried out in all three project areas and Final Workshop concludes the event.

First İnter -zone Cross Visits Session

Second İnter -zone Cross Visits Session

Third Inter-zone Cross Visits Session

Fourth Inter-zone Cross Visits Session

Five Inter-zone Cross Visits Session

Eighth Inter-zone Cross Visits Session

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