» "Community Projects’ Sustainability" workshop Mughan-Salyan zone


"Community Projects’ Sustainability" workshop Mughan-Salyan zone

20-02-2013, 16:17, Saw: 527

Second Rural Investment Project organized “Community Projects’ Sustainability” workshop in Sabirabad town (Mughan-Salyan zone) on February 19, 2013. The workshop brought together 50 representatives of over 30 communities of Neftchala, Bilasuvar, Saatli, Sabirabad, Agjabedi and Imishli rayons. The objective of the conference was to discuss sustainability-related issues, present the activities for better maintenance of projects after completion and facilitate inter-community exchange of experiences. Sustainability is the process of maintaining the functionality of a completed community project and it enables a community to effectively benefit from project results. AzRIP-2 Information and Communications Specialist Farman Hasanov, Program Specialist for Mughan-Salyan zone Farida Eminova and Project Assistance Team Prime Trainer Tunzala Hajiyeva made opening speeches at the workshop.

Program Specialist Farida Eminova made presentation on “The overview of sustainability in the communities collaborating with AzRIP-2”. Farida Eminova spoke about the sustainability which starts from community needs assessment and is one of the key indicators of community development and continued about the 148 community projects implemented in Mughan-Salyan zone and collaborations built with communities. F. Eminova presented Yukhari Aghali, Baydili (Bilasuvar rayon) and Shirinbayli (Saatli rayon) communities as sustainable communities functioning based on coordinated development choice between economy, ecology and property. She rated the sustainability “satisfactory” in Yenikand and Mursalli (Sabirabad rayon) and “unsatisfactory” in Garayevkand, Soltanabad and Khanlarkand (Saatli rayon) communities.

Ilham Abishov, Community Group leader of Sabirabad rayon, Yenikand community made presentation on “Operations and maintenance of community projects”. Talking about the history, area and population of Yenikand community (population - 2980 people), I.Abishov mentioned that main occupation is cattle-breeding and cropping in the village. Furthermore, he talked about the mobilization and trainings provided by AzRIP, also about the implementation of “Installing electric transmission lines for water pumps” (with financial support of CHF International) in the past. The community leader continued his presentation about the AzRIP funded “Road Rehabilitation” (6 km road) project that was successfully completed in three months, about its operation and maintenance, environmental impact during operation and lessons learned. Ilham Abishov provided detailed information about “Irrigation System Rehabilitation” project that was second project funded by AzRIP-2 saying that 12200 m irrigation canl has been cleaned under the project during two months. The CG leader presented lessons learnt and acquired successes.

Next, the Senior Engineer of AzRIP-2 made presentation on “Operation and Maintenance in the Second Rural Investment Project”. He mentioned that operation and maintenance is based on the condition of completed community projects in near and far future, on their quality, status of usability, effective use and maximum benefiting from the projects. For this purpose, the functioning committee is responsible for solving all issues related with operations and maintenance, closely participate in the development of O&M plan, calculation of sustainability fund, fundraising and spending. He spoke about the factors affecting sustainability, as well as positive and negative characteristics of these factors. M. Verdiyev provided detailed information about the operations and maintenance plan, sustainability fund that targets socio-economic development, fund raising, management and spending, as well as safeguards which was very interesting for the participants.

Workshop participants expressed their opinions on the issue during the discussion session. Ahliman Teymurov (CG chairman, Kamalli community, Saatli rayon), Mirzagha Seyidov (Municipal Chairman, Khubyarli community, Imishli rayon), Etibar Ajamov (Municipal Chairman, Yukhari Aghali community, Bilasuvar rayon), Mirsahib Zakiyev (CG chairman, Baydili community, Bilasuvar rayon), Mahmud Nasirov (CG Chairman, Hajigasimli community, Saatli rayon), Rustam Khalilov (CG chairman, Shirinbayli community, Saatli rayon), Hatem Naghiyev (CG Chairman, Hajibedelli community, Agjabedi rayon), Mirhabil Samadov (Local Ex.Com representative, Surra community) and Rabil Jafarov (CG Chairman, Turkadi community, Sabirabad rayon) addressed their questions to the presenters. The workshop was ended after evaluation session.

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