» “Gender participation in community projects” conference (North zone)


“Gender participation in community projects” conference (North zone)

7-03-2013, 16:09, Saw: 388

Second regional conference on “Gender participation in community projects” under Second Rural Investment Project was held in Ismayilli town, North zone on March 06, 2013. The conference brought together community members and municipality representatives from Garagoyunlu, Ilkhichi, Chaparli, Zaragan, Tikanli, Topchu, Talalar, Goyem, Garavelli and other communities.

AzRIP-2 Deputy Director, Community Development and Capacity Enhancement Manager Gulbaniz Ganbarova talked about the works implemented for gender equality from the project start up to date and informed that this area will be further focused. She emphasized that gender that is sociological distinction in the ever-developing society is subject to changes, the role of women and men in social life has improved compared to the past and status of both genders is different in various societies over the time. Program Specialist for North zone Akif Kerimli spoke about the importance of gender issues in community development and factors emerging it and AzRIP2’s sensitivity in this sphere, about the position, right and specifications of the “woman” in our country and in the world. Over the AzRIP operation period in the region, gender issues were always focus of attention and this factor was always focused while collaborating with communities.

Presentations sessions of the conference included AzRIP-2 North zone Information and Communications Officer Sabira Mehdiyeva’s presentation on “Gender equality – women rights and their protection”. The presentation provided broad information about gender participation in AzRIP-2 operation zones and spoke about women who are such a power that have particular impact on the development of communities, conditions and opportunities created for them and about women resource that have specific peculiarities. Simultaneous group works on “Community project and gender” facilitated by Amida Mehdiyeva, Rashad Gaysayev, Rizvan Mirzayev, Elshan Naghiyev was held in two parallel groups. It was mentioned in group works that importance of gender equality is main need for community and if this need is not met it would create serious problems in certain phases of community development. It was emphasized that main purpose of gender-related dissemination and promotion works and methods should be to explain the role of women in the community correctly. Representation in the community means such important factors as improved welfare of women, joint and objective solution of problems, self-solving their problems and participation. “Close involvement of women in selection and development of any project increases both the quality and beneficial value of the projects” – was one of the statements discussed during group works. Participants expressed their wishes like improved support to gender development in the communities, expanding promotion activities and awareness actions to raise self-confidence of women, increase opportunities to ensure active participation of women in collaboration between local authorities and communities. Group work results were presented in plenary by Khaver Allahverdiyeva (CG member, Gurbanefendi community Ismayilli rayon) and Elman Mammadov (CG member, Ismayilli rayon, Buynuz community). Next, role play describing the inequality between genders and presenting the overview of society’s stereotype was displayed.

Some community members including Nusratali Mammadov (Aghsu rayon, Chaparli CG Leader), Shirvan Nuriyev (Bozavand CG Leader), Mushgunaz Mirzaliyeva (Pirhasanli CG member), Sanibar Ahmadova (Gabala rayon, Zaraghan CG member), Shafag Garibova (Tuntul CG Leader), Rehile Khalilova (Ismayilli rayon, Topchu CG member), Elmira Suleymanova (Balaken rayon, Talalar CG member), Sevda Atayeva (Zagatala rayon, Chobankol CG member), Asmar Manafova (Shamakhi rayon, Chayli CG member), Khadija Shirinova (Aghdash rayon, Tofigi CG member) took an active part in the discussions.

G. Ganbarova made a closing speech and conference was over after the evaluation session.

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