» "Gender participation in community projects” conference (Mughan-Salyan zone)


"Gender participation in community projects” conference (Mughan-Salyan zone)

9-03-2013, 16:08, Saw: 587

Last regional conference from the series of “Gender participation in community projects” under Second Rural Investment Project was held in Sabirabad town, Mughan-Salyan zone on March 08, 2013. The conference involved representatives of Yenikend, Galaghayin, Surra, Giragli, Garajalar, Aranli, Khanlarkend, Mughanli, Shirinbeyli, Yeni Novruzlu and other partner communities and municipal councils.

AzRIP-2 Deputy Director, Community Development and Capacity Enhancement Manager Gulbaniz Ganbarova emphasized that “Gender participation in community projects” conference coincided with a very important day – 8th March, International Women’s Day and on this occasion, she congratulated all Azeri women in the example of women participants and wished them health, family happiness and peace. She informed about the level of gender equality in the world and in our country, important steps taken in this field and importance of gender participation in selection and implementation of community projects.

Program Specialist for Mughan-Salyan zone Farida Eminova talked about the benefits of women’s labor, exceptional role of gender participation in the achievements gained in community development sphere and emphasized that gender equality is always highlighted in the community projects implemented in the region.

AzRIP-2 Assistance Team Prime Trainer Tunzala Hajiyeva made presentation on “Gender participation in AzRIP operational zones”. The presentation highlighted the balance of rights, obligations and works between women and men, as well as involved participants in interactive exercises.

Then, discussions were held on “Community projects and gender”. Interactive discussions focused on exceptional role of women in the community which is a small model of a society governed by women and men. It was informed that women take an active part also in the community projects mainly done by men along with the projects directly involving women labor. It was noted that women are closely involved in developing projects, conducting surveys, obtaining permit documents as well as serving food and tea to the community members involved in physical implementation of works and it is important to benefit from the experience of woman leaders and enhance their inclusion in development process. Ibrahim Jalilov (Sabirabad rayon, Yenikand CG leader), Fazil Aliyev (Guruzma CG member), Nazila Rahimova (Surra CG member), Marziya Babayeva (Galagayin CG member), Rabil Jafarov (Turkadi CG leader), Vahida Baylarova (Imishli rayon, Aranli CG member), Guldasta Huseynova (Saatli rayon, Khanlarkand CG member), Rustam Khalilov (Shirinbayli CG member), Jeyran Ibrahimova (Yeni Novruzlu CG member) were more active in the conference.

G. Ganbarova closed the conference with closing speech after the conference evaluation session.

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