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Regional Capacity Building Conferences (North-West zone)

2-05-2013, 16:03, Saw: 580

Second Regional Capacity Building Conference was held in North-West zone, Ganja city on May 01, 2013. The conference was attended by about 70 representatives from over 17 partner communities (Korpusindiran, Ikinji Nazirli, Samuxlu, Soghanverdiler, Boyuk Goyushlu, Ismayilbeyli, Kebirli, Khoruzlu, Sarov, Khinali, Baghchakurd, Khagani etc.). Opening speeches were made by AzRIP-2 Deputy Director and Community Development/ Capacity Enhancement Manager, Gulbaniz Ganbarova and Program Specialist (North-West zone), Khudayar Gulmaliyev who emphasized the value and importance of Capacity Building conferences and talked about the operations of AzRIP-2 that is the demonstration of the government’s attention to the needs of the Azerbaijani people. The film displayed about AzRIP was watched by the participants with great interest. After the film, parallel group sessions were conducted to introduce conference participants with communities’ project experiences during technical implementation and lessons learnt. Two presentations were made – first by Afruz Babayeva (CG member, Sarov community, Tartar rayon) on “Increased woman participation in the community due to collaboration with AzRIP and its impact on community development” and second by Adil Garayev (CG member, Khagani community, Goygol rayon) on “Importance of social participation in community development”.

Presenting the Sarov community comprised of 3020 population, Afruz Babayeva talked about the “Road rehabilitation” project implemented under first collaboration with AzRIP (rehabilitated by using sand-gravel mix, total length – 6550 m, five culverts made of 300/500 mm diameter steel pipe and 1800 m roadside ditches dug as part of the project) and provided information about “Community Renovation” project implemented with second grant of AzRIP. The project included 900 m long fence around the village cemetery and a gate installed for the cemetery. The presenter provided broad information about the unexampled role of women in overall community development, their hard work and efforts in ensuring social groups’ inclusion in mobilization, ensuring the participatory selection of problems, in promoting information dissemination among the community members, and in enhancing activeness in the mobilization process and emphasized their operation in project development, implementation and post-implementation phases.

Adil Garayev, a representative of Goygol rayon, Khagani community provided basic information about the community comprised of 3430 people and talked about the AzRIP funded “Road Rehabilitation” project (7700 m long, 3,5 – 4 m wide gravel paved road, 1800 , cleaned roadside ditches), about the importance of social participation in community development, lessons learnt and achievements. The presenter continued his speech by talking about social group and social participation and underlined that this vulnerable group (families suffering from diseases, veterans, alones, handicaps, martyr families, refugees, IDPs etc.) should be approached sensitively, as well as social issues has to be approached in an integrated manner rather than individually; he also mentioned about meeting the needs of individuals, families and different social groups, inclusion of all social groups, particularly women in development process and decision making and about important aspects like participatory approach in problem selection and solution.

Conference continued in highly energetic atmosphere through interactive discussions around the presentations and questions-answers session held. Conference participants Ahliman Allahverdiyev (CG leader, Barda rayon, Korpusindiran community), Hagigat Babayeva (CG leader, Soghanverdiler community), Konul Mahmudova (CG leader, Tartar rayon, Ismayilbayli community), Mezahir Mahmudov (CG leader, Kebirli community), Zahire Hidayetova (CG member, Goranboy rayon, Tapgaragoyunlu community),Vugar Gasimov (CG leader, Baghchakurd community), Nafig Huseynov (CG leader, Khagani community, Goygol rayon), Zenfira Aliyeva (CG member) took an active part in the interactive discussions.

AzRIP facilitators Elnara Garakhanova, Elxan Mammadov, Intizar Verdiyeva, Ahmad Aliyev presented the summary of group works in plenary. They described the importance of establishing a community project committee consisting of community members, municipal councilors and Ex.Com representatives. This is essential for proper project operation and maintenance, as well as increases project and community transparency. Many of the procedures used for fundraising and managing contributions were described and discussed. The facilitators also highlighted the importance of active participation from all social groups in all stages of community project work. They stressed how community project efficiency requires the close involvement of women in all community activities. They also emphasized the benefits of support from elderly and influential people, allowing youth to be involved in problem resolution, a focus on technical safety and environmental protection issues. After the completion of participants’ conference evaluations, the conference was closed by the motivating words from AzRIP-2 Deputy Director and Community Development/ Capacity Enhancement Manager, Gulbaniz Ganbarova.

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