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Regional Capacity Building Conferences (North zone)

3-05-2013, 16:01, Saw: 536

Last event from the series of Regional Capacity Building Conferences of this year was held in Ismayilli town of North zone on May 02, 2013. 70 representatives of 21 communities (İlkhichi, Rehimli, Pirhesenli, Tuntul, Soltannukha, Rushan, Kortala, Goyem, Arabushagi, Tofigi etc.) collaborating with AzRIP attended the conference. Opening speeches were made by AzRIP-2 Deputy Director and Community Development/ Capacity Enhancement Manager, Gulbaniz Ganbarova and Program Specialist (North zone), Akif Kerimli. Both speakers emphasized recent reforms conducted in the country, as well as AzRIP’s estimable accomplishments and exceptional status among the many socio-economic development programs carried out under the leadership of Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan; giving an overview of AzRIP’s success in improving the living conditions of Azerbaijan’s rural people and providing rural communities with access to valuable infrastructure services. After the showing of a film about AzRIP, two parallel group sessions were held. One on “Importance of using internal and external resources during the implementation of community project” was presented by Elman Mammadov (CG member in Buynuz community, Ismayilli rayon). The second presentation was on the “Importance of mobilization in the community” presented by Nigar Omarova (CG member in Ilkhichi community, Aghsu rayon).

Presenting the Buynuz community comprised of 1241 people, E. Mammadov provided information about the mobilization and training processes held in the community within the collaboration with AzRIP-2, and informed about numerous projects implemented with community’s internal resources including "Routine repair of intra-village roads ", "Rehabilitation of irrigation canals ", "Routine repair of school", "Repair of transformers “and "Construction of gas pipeline". Community leader continued his presentation with information about the successfully completed “Potable water supply” project with AzRIP-2 funding (total 2250 m PVC pipeline made of d110 mm - 1300 m, d75mm - 450m, d63 mm - 350 m, d20 mm-150 m; one metal water tank with 16 tons capacity, three two-facet water taps built of river stone and with painted façade), its operation and maintenance, environmental impact during the operation and information about the lessons learnt.

Aghsu rayon Ilkhichi community CG member N. Omarova talked about the community (comprised of 1007 people), its experience and previous projects implemented with internal resources such as "Routine repair of intra-community roads", "Rehabilitation of irrigation ditches", "Repair of transformers". The presenter analyzed project successes and noted that proper selection of CG members is one of the successes of a project; as well as planning of the community project, right development of project proposal and budget, adjusting labor contribution to community’s internal resources, allocating cash contribution (adjusting to social groups/composition) and establishment of community fund can also be considered project success. The community representative informed the participants about community evaluation, mobilization, benefits of social participation in mobilization and about trainings and spoke in detail about the collaboration with AzRIP, successfully continued “Road Rehabilitation” project (repair of total 5520 m road including 900 m in 4 m width, 2700 m in 3,5 m width and 1920 m in 3m width, installation of 2 new culverts, cleaning of roadside ditches, paving crushed stone on the top layer of road), close involvement of state agencies in the project implementation and benefits of this support.

In the interactive discussions and questions-answers session following the presentations, community representatives Nail Omarov (CG chairman, Ilkhichi community, Agsu rayon), Gulbaniz Feyzullayeva (CG member, Rahimli community), Vusal Abasov (CG chairman, Mashadganli community), Shafag Garibova (CG chairman, Gabala rayon, Tuntul community), Tofig Mirzaliyev (CG chairman, Soltannukha community), Ismat Mahmudov (CG chairman, Ismayilli rayon, Buynuz community), Aydin Babayev (CG chairman, Armanat community, Oghuz rayon), Fatima Bayramova (CG chairperson, Balaken rayon, Kortala community), Nargiz Gurbanova (CG member, Zagatala rayon, Goyem community) made interesting speeches. The discussions were followed by facilitators’ – Gulana Guliyeva’s, Elshan Naghiyev’s, Sabira Mehdiyeva’s and Rashad Gaysayev’s speeches on the summary of group work results. Community representatives distinctive for their participation in the conference were presented AzRIP keepsakes and conference was closed.

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